Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello! and coming up...

It's been so quiet on here while I have been studying my masters at uni ~ but! semester's finished! It's summer holidays! And I am very much looking forward to spending my free time with some really good books :)

Speaking of good books...

Here's a few I have read lately and I plan to have some reviews (or mini raves) up in the next week.

Loved all three of these (one chick lit, one Aussie and one historical-ish). The Margaret Wild one? My gosh, she is just brilliant and I am still gob-smacked. I love her terribly so.

I've missed you all and am also looking forward to seeing what you've been doing on your blogs -- and I love this time of year when everyone posts about the best books, etc -- looking forward to finding some gems.

x Nomes

(super short and sweet post to get things back in the swing ;) )


  1. Welcome back, Nomes! I missed you!
    I'm still unsure about whether I want to read All the Truth That's in Me, I can't wait to read your thoughts. After that, I'll finally make my decision. :) To buy or not to buy, my daily dilemma.

  2. Hello! and welcome back!! :D


Thanks for the commenty love :)