Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hold Still - Hard Cover V Paperback

Hard Cover 
I love this cover. I love the model chosen - with her hands on her knees and for some reason, I'm into that hair. The journal writing on the wall behind her and the scrawly doodle-y art in the top left is just lovely (I've also heard the pages within have some lovely scrawly arty journal stuff in there). The rip across the bottom and the title inked in looks awesome and I want to read this book.

So, I pre-ordered my copy before the paperback cover was visible. A lot of the time the paperback cover is the same as the hard back. But not this time...

I know!

It's mesmerising and hints at life between the pages and inner conflict with the tagline verse the image. I love the shadowed title and the way the model blurs into the background.

And the colours are stunning.

I'm thinking I love this cover. A lot. I'm thinking you want to pick it up too, right?

I am now even more super-psyched.

I have heard so many utterly brilliant and worthy things about this debut and it's paperback release is now only 13 days away... :)

(also, reminds me of the UK Hardcover and first edition Australian paperback of If I Stay)

Nina Lacours site (and it's such a funky site)

What do you think? 
Paperback or Hard Cover?
I'm absolutely cheering for the paperback :)


  1. they're both beautuful, and i agree the paper back looks like if i stay. it would really depend on what the book is about, which i don't know.
    i think i'll have to go with the hardback.
    just the covers have got me interested.

  2. Wow both covers are beautiful. I know you're not supposed to judge books by their covers, but this one has me hooked!

  3. I love both of these covers! I read the book a couple of months ago and adored it. The first cover, in my opinion, fits the books perfectly. She's a photographer and it's like the picture of the girl is a photo she took with hold still placed over it. And the inside of the book has scribbles/ drawings inside so it really reflects the book. I've never seen the paperback cover, but I love it, so beautiful!

  4. Both covers are beautiful. Maybe I should add it to my to-read-list. :)

  5. I think the hardcover bears for me more so the feel I'm picking up from this book. It just matches, because of the doodling, that camp-y-Juno kind of look.

  6. I think they're both beautiful covers. I'd never heard of this book but am now curious enough to go and find out more. Thanks!

  7. Paperback!! It's so much more captivating -- action, blurred lines, better colors. I'd pick that up WAY before the hardback version.

  8. Like the paperback best. I love covers that have a certain motion to them and the blurring of the gives that impression.

  9. The paperback, I love it! It reminds me of something, a movie maybe? I can't think right now

  10. Oh my gosh, they're both amazing! I haven't heard about this book yet, but I'd want to read it just based on that cover. Beautiful.

  11. Paperback, for sure! However, they're both so brilliant...something about the paperback just speaks to me though :)

  12. Its my first time seeing the PB cover. I do have a copy of the hardcover so I would have to go with the hardcover cover. I also like how on the HB cover there looks to be some sort of light shiningdown on the girl.

  13. I really like the hardcover but holy freaking cow, the paperback is stunning. WOW.

  14. I'm picking paper back because I then get to have my own image of her face.

    But I really loved them both.

    I'm new to the blogworld & and your newest follower. :)

    Mad Scientist

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