Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raw Blue and a winner!

Last night the winner of the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards was announced and I am absolutely beyond thrilled to give a HUGE congratulations to Kirsty Eagar and her novel Raw Blue
I was absolutely beaming like when I heard, hey! I had a little squeal because it's one of my favourite books ever. And I love it hard.

And (I had visitors over) my sister in law was impressed too as she had asked me which book I recommend to her to read (out of my towering shelves of awesomeness) and I had shoved Raw Blue into her hands earlier that day among babbling accolades of my love for the book. Her reading time is limited (babies and all that) so I knew I had to pick the best off my shelves :) And she doesn't read YA but Raw Blue is really a novel for anyone.

Also, once a book wins such a prestigious award, I feel my fangirling is more than justified so I can now rave as much as I want and let you know this book rocks and if you can you should get your hands on it asap.

My review of Raw Blue
Other OFFICIAL reviews of Raw Blue :)
Raw Blue @ Kirsty's site
Kirsty's notes on writing Raw Blue
An extract from Raw Blue
One of the judges talking about Raw Blue and the awards last night

Raw Blue is also in the running for the 2010 Golden Inky! Alongside Beatle Meets Destiny (Gabrielle Williams) and Swerve (Phillip Gwyne) which were also short-listed for the VIC Premier's Literary Award - which are two outstanding Aussie titles.

Also -I emailed my winner of Steph Bowe's charming and lovely debut Girl Saves Boy but forgot to shout it out on my blog (sorry, sorry).

yay to Claire and I know you will love it!

And it's so summer-y and the beach is just lovely at the moment! I'm on school holidays with the kids and have had family visiting from Sydney and more coming this week from Canberra and it's such an awesome time of year.

Hope you all have a lovely chilled out day :)



  1. i know, i think summer has come to stay. i'm very excited, i just love hot weather.
    i'll have to check that book out.

  2. Hello Nomes. This sounds like such a great book I must lay my hands on it and have a good read. So obviously lots of peeps like this book. Good choice..:)

  3. Yay for Kirsty! I read about the awards this morning in the paper, I'm so happy for her. I definitely have to read Raw Blue next.

  4. It sounds so good. It's on my list but not available in the US yet. I was hoping i could download it on the kindle, but no :(

    I did get Beatle Meets Destiny though and loved it, so thanks for that recommendation!

  5. Oh, woohoo for Kirsty Eagar! :D

    Sounds like you're having a good time, Nomes. Have fun.

  6. *sigh* you add like 5 books to my tbr pile every time I stop by your site Nomes. My reader-heart loves you but my wallet does not.

    Seriously though, keep the good recommendations coming ;)

  7. That's awesome! I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but it looks interesting. :)


    and NomeS. YOU KEEP ADDING TO MY TBR LIST AND OMG AM A STUDENT AND you are influencing me to buy books and not eat food :D

  9. don't worry about lame ideas, my best list is things i like the smell of, simply because i never noticed how many things i like to smell.

  10. oooh - thanks for all these comments guys. you're all brilliant and i'm feeling the love right now!

    And yes Raw Blue is brilliant and extremely enticing so maybe, you know, going a day without food would be totally worth it ;) (Girl in between)


  11. I've yet to hear of Raw Blue, but from what I draw from your post, I take it I must do so! Great post :)

  12. You always have such great book recommendations! I wish my bank account was fatter so I could buy all of these fantastic novels. :o)

  13. I am always interested in your recommendations as your reviews are amazing and passionate too. I will be getting this one soon.


Thanks for the commenty love :)