Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Aussie Book Tours

The brilliant (and honourary Aussie reader girl) Missie at The Unread Reader has launched the: Go Aussie Book Tours 

So far she has SIX fabulous and gorgeous Aussie YA books (that are not yet available internationally) all ready to begin touring around the states.

Here's all the info about the tours (completely stolen from her post at The Unreader Reader:

Mission Statement:
The mission of Go Aussie Book Tours is to promote Australian authors and books. Many phenomenal Aussie titles are not readily available in the U.S. and we would like to give readers the opportunity to read these books while generating buzz for Aussie YA!

What is a Book Tour?
A book tour is when a highly anticipated title is passed from one book blogger to another.  Tours provide an opportunity for the book blogger to read and review the title for their blog. In the case of the Aussie YA Reading Challenge 2011, an additional opportunity is provided for bloggers to work on completing their goals for the reading challenge. Each blogger will be responsible for covering their own shipping expenses. Packages MUST be sent via United States Postal Service with delivery confirmation. Delivery confirmation information must be sent to the host for tracking purposes. The last person on the tour will then ship the book back to the host.

Tour Rules:

  • Go Aussie Book Tours are exclusive for U.S. participants of theAussie YA Reading Challenge 2011. If you haven't already signed up for the challenge, you can here.
  • U.S. residents only.
  • Interested participants are allowed to sign up for multiple tours but the max is three (3).
  • Each participant will be responsible for covering their own shipping expenses. Packages MUST be sent via United States Postal Service with delivery confirmation.
  • When a book is received, participant must e-mail the host a notification. At that time, the mailing address of the next person on the tour will be provided.
  • Each participant will have ONE WEEK (7 days) to read the book.
  • Book received must be reviewed and reviews MUST be linked onAussie YA Reading Challenge review posts found on Irresistible Reads.
  • Tours will be limited and small. Schedule will be based on reader interest.
  • Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate removal from the tours.
  • Any questions/concerns can be directed to
Please Remember: All the book on this tour are from Missie's personal library and many were purchased by her. The books are not easy to obtain in the U.S., nor are they easy to replace. That is why we are sharing them. We don't want one bad apple to ruin the tour for the rest of the participants. Please be respectful of the mission, the rules, and the books you receive.

Aussie Books on Tour:

Sign Up:

PHEW! Isn't she just awesome? I can't wait for some reviews of these books to start pouring in.
I've read FIVE of these titles and personally completely recommend each one of them (haven't read BURN BRIGHT yet). I have reviews for all other five listed here in my review archives.

TWO of these books are on my absolute beloved favourites shelf (GRAFFITI MOON and GOOD OIL, which were both in my top ten reads of 2010).

I really hope some of you guys in the US can get a chance to check out some of these titles if they have been calling out to you :)

And hey Missie! Hope you don't mind me pimping you out. Mwah!


  1. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Don't mind one bit! Thank bunches, mate!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this awesome tour! I just signed up. :)


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