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{intl' GIVEAWAY} Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

Kirsty Eagar appreciation week is the brain-child of Nic @ Irresistible Reads and Linds from Bibliophile Brouhaha  ~ for all the insiders info check out Nic's post <3

When Nic was brainstorming ideas I knew I wanted to be involved as Kirsty is one of my absolute favourite Aussie YA authors. I have already posted reviews of her two books on inkcrush (Saltwater Vampires and Raw Blue) but I really could go on talking about them ~ in particular the brilliance that is Raw Blue ~ because, wow, I love that book and Carly and Ryan like crazy). So here's what you'll find on inkcrush this week:

I have two Kirsty Eagar week posts  
  • this one, where I share some guest readers thoughts on Raw Blue and host an international giveaway O.o
  • plus a post this coming Friday about Aussie YA books which feature protagonists who are older than the average YA (there are surprisingly a lot of Aussie YA books set after school years ~ just like Raw Blue)

(For other posts and giveaways in the Kirsty Eagar week see the schedule)

Nic of Irresistible Reads sent one copy of Raw Blue around the world to pass through the hands of some very awesome girls in our book club. They have graciously allowed me to share snippets from their Raw Blue reviews so you guys can see how Raw Blue continues to impact and touch readers around the world. 

Here's five girlies chatting it up *welcoming round of applause*

Arlene: I can’t remember the last time a character made my heart bleed with paper cut precision. 

I’ve said this so many times before… Aussie writers have this gift. It’s a magical ability to catapult you into a fictional moment that feels so damn real and full of raw emotion that you can’t help but fully connect and when it’s over you feel like you fell on your ass because there’s no more pages left for you to grab onto. It’s like a tight embrace that makes you feel there… in the moment… and when it’s done and releases you, all you feel is the space around you and nothing comes close to that moment when you were in the story. Truly in the story. That my friends is what Raw Blue accomplished. from Arlene (in the US)

Flannery: Carly is 19 and Ryan is 26—their relationship feels more adult and this book definitely fills that awkward void of literature that exists between YA and adult. And Ryan? Swoon.

I think something I truly enjoyed about this one was that it honestly felt Australian
. The language, the personalities, the descriptions, just everything. I want this book published in the US but I want NONE of it changed or adapted. I had to look up with bitumen is and so can you. To change anything would rip the Aussie heart out of this book.

This book made me feel like I was reading a Melina Marchetta book. Sometimes the descriptions were painfully beautiful, the characters were delightfully flawed, and the dialogue was almost always spot-on.  I hope you can get your hands on a copy! 

I am beyond grateful that the lovely Nic shared this book and I will definitely be acquiring a copy soon. Hopefully Penguin USA will get with the program and publish this here.  From Flannery (in the US)

Olivia: Everything feels so honest, so real, everybody is painted with intrinsical, well-set strokes. There is a lot of old and new pain and hurt and fear and shame and brokenness. Hope glimpses through temporarily like a ray of sunshine in murky water: Mainly in the shape of people who care fo Carly inspite of her prickly exterior - Danny, Hannah and Ryan - and in the form Carly's contentment when the surf is good.

The writing style is superb, too.  From Olivia (in Germany)

Janina: Often dark and painful, but with just the right shimmer of hope in between. Fleshed-out secondary characters with lovable quirks and “special abilities” (how cool is the synaesthesia thing??) and a main character whose voice is raw with pain and desperation, but also so distinctly her. The Australian vibe is in every sentence, the writing beautiful – forming an unforgettable setting. From Janina (in Germany)

Tina: Raw Blue is such a powerful and haunting story. You can not help but be completely invested right from minute one till the very last page, hoping against hope that this character will eventually find the peace she so desperately needs.

Overall, I thought this book was simply amazing. It's intense and touching and heartbreaking and even though I usually tend to stay away from this type of heartbreak-reads, since it takes days to get over it, I'm still very happy to have had a chance to experience this outstanding gem. From Tina (in Canada) 

Oh ~ aren't those five girls lovely reviewers?
THANK YOU to Arlene, Flannery, Olivia, Janina and Tina 
for allowing me to share your thoughts about Raw Blue on inkcrush :D

I have, courtesy of the lovely Kirsty Eagar, a signed copy of (the brilliant) Raw Blue to give away

Isn't is gorgeous?
I will post this to anyone, anywhere

All entry requires is name and email 
However, this lovely signed copy was bought and donated by Kirsty herself, I have some additional entries available as a way of helping promote the awesomeness that is Raw Blue :D 
(for those of you who love the extra entry scene ;)

Open Internationally
Open for one week, closes Sept 7
Winner via random dot org

[Raw Blue is also internationally available through with free international postage]

In other, completely unrelated, news ... I have *just* returned from camping on the lovely Yamba River where I was blissfully lazy, technology-free, muddy (we spent a couple of stormy nights in the tent) and sunburnt (in between the rain, we had some sunshiny patches). I have missed you all and hope to catch up on my emails and bloggy world soon :)

x Nomes


  1. I'm so excited to read this book. I've been on an older YA protag. kick lately and this certainly seems to fit the bill. also, I'm lately obsessed with Aussie YA. which is not at all a bad thing. :)

    glad to hear you had a wonderful time camping! <3

  2. Amazing Post! I love reading the reactions of others for books I absolutely can't live without.

    I need to take a technology free camping trip soon. Sounds refreshing. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Oh wow, a signed copy of Raw Blue! I would love to have one. Thanks for making this giveaway international, Nomes. :)

  4. Beautiful post about one of my favorite Aussie YA books. Paper-cut precision, indeed.

  5. I want this. I feel like an idiot for not buying it from Fishpond when it was 10 bucks a few weeks ago. This is seriously one of my ultimate favorites.

    Thanks for running the giveaway AND for making it international:) xo

  6. Thank you so much for participating Nomes! This post is awesome and I had a laugh looking at Tina's picture.

    Glad to hear you had an awesome time camping!

  7. Awesome! :)
    Thanks for the RAW BLUE GIVVEAWAY!
    What a great prize + it's signed!

    Also glad to hear you had some fun time camping. Sounds like fun.

  8. Ever since I read your review of Raw Blue I have been lusting after this book. Now I have a chance to win it Yeah!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed

  9. I love this post!! I have been getting more and more interested in this story which each review I get! :D

  10. This post is AMAZING, Nomes! I love how this book has resonance around the world! Ditto on 'paper-cut precision."

    Keep spreading the RB love!

  11. Loved seeing all the different perspectives/reviews on this one. I really liked this book, though not quite as much as everyone else, I don't think. Still, very emotionally resonant and I love the older protags.

  12. I'm going on a cruise in a few months and I will be technology will be nice, but I might have

    Loved seeing everyone's different opinions on Raw Blue!

  13. What fantastic comments! I love the concept of sending the book out to international readers to get their perspective. It seems Aussie YA Paranormal authors are held in high regard (as we should be!). And bravo to my compatriot Eagar. It sounds like Raw Blue is another major success and I look forward to reading it.

  14. Awesome giveaway and thank you for hosting!

  15. I would love this - it's one of my favorites!


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