Friday, August 19, 2011

CBCA Book of the Year Awards announced (2011)

Sonya Hartnett wins Book of the Year at the CBCA* Awards for 'The Midnight Zoo'
Children's Book Council of Australia

excerpt from my review of 'The Midnight Zoo':

What I mainly have to say about this book is it is simply astonishing, utterly gorgeous and deeply moving. It was a truly sensory experience, being transported to another time and place. [...] Hartnett's spectacular use of magical realism adds a new dimension in taking the story to somewhere truly gasp-worthy. I felt an ache and tremendous satisfaction at the end. It's life-affirming and a tear-jerker and achingly hopeful and a simply brilliant story to spend your time with.

The prestigious Children's Book Council of Australia Awards were announced this morning (LOVE these awards. Completely). I was very much so looking forward to the announcement this morning (and have been discussing it with my local librarians ;)

LOVED The Midnight Zoo: Read my full review (you know, if you're interested)

The Young Adult short-list looked like this:

Older Readers Short List 2011
Crowley, CathGraffiti MoonPan Macmillan Australia
Hartnett, SonyaThe Midnight ZooViking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
Horniman, JoanneAbout a GirlAllen & Unwin
MacLeod, DougThe Life of a Teenage Body-SnatcherViking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
Marchetta, MelinaThe Piper’s SonViking Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
Wood, FionaSix Impossible ThingsPan Macmillan Australia
These books are for mature readers

I have only read 4 books from the above list and ALL FOUR of them are BELOVED books of mine 

(I gave all four of these books 5 stars, all four are on my exclusive absolute favourites list <3).

HUGE congratulations to Sonya Hartnett and also to all those on the short-list (and notables).

Aussie YA is a genre producing such extraodinarily brilliant books. It really is a genre full of exceptional talent and incredible books. 

Have you read The Midnight Zoo?
(or plan to?)
Have you read any of the short-list?
And what would be your pick?

The Midnight Zoo is available internationally, with a different cover

International covers = gorgeous

Book blurb: Two gypsy boys are fleeing through a war-ravaged country-side during the night carrying a secret bundle. The boys stumble across a town that has been reduced to smoking rubble, and a zoo that is still intact. When the boys take shelter in the zoo, they discover a menagerie of talking animals. Both the boys and the animals tell their tales and their desire for freedom.  

Like The Silver Donkey and The Ghost’s Child, this is another beautiful fable-like tale that will move you to tears. It’s a story that will appeal to all ages-as with any fi ne book that merges history with fantasy, adults will enjoy reading this as much as children.
Like The Silver Donkey and The Ghost’s Child, this is another beautiful fable-like tale that will move you to tears. It’s a story that will appeal to all ages-as with any fi ne book that merges history with fantasy, adults will enjoy reading this as much as children.

I apologise for bloggers formatting. Which, is slightly out of control and entirely irksome. Ugh.


  1. Congrats for The Midnight Zoo. I really need to read this!

  2. My mum just freaked out! She loves Sonya Hartnett!


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  4. How cool! I don't know this, but I'm copying the whole short list to give them a go. I've read The Piper's Son and loved it.

  5. I have read only one on that list. Must make a better effort to change that.

    Thanks for the news, mate.

  6. I added them all to my tbr list. Unfortunately none of them are available at my library :(

  7. I like Aussie cover better.
    If Fishpond comes through (as in I ordered some books from there and I'm checking out their service), I shall buy it from them soon!!!

  8. I think I like the lower right cover best; the one withh all the animals coming under the fence-thing! The Aussie one just seems *too* plain to me.

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  10. Oh man, I guess I will have to check this one out if it won over 'Graffiti Moon' and 'The Piper's Son'! 'Six Impossible Things' is totally going on my TBR list as well.

  11. I've only read Piper and Graffiti Moon so far but I have Six Impossible Things coming soon from the Bookers. I'm super excited for that one.

    I don't know if I'll ever catch up on my Aussie YA backlog. You guys keep coming out with more. It will probably take me a few weeks to get through Marsden's Tomorrow, When the War Began series. And I have at least 10 more that I am chomping at the bit to read:)

    Thanks for giving me more books to read, you big jerk.

  12. uh oh i haven't read A SINGLE ONE of these! whoops aussie blogger fail! i better get around to reading at least one of these stat!

  13. Oh I really likey the new cover. I do have this one on my list, think I'll have to bump it up. I think maybe my son might like it too. I also have Six Impossible Things on my list. Too too many books to read. :)

  14. I really should hurry up and read 'The Piper’s Son'!


Thanks for the commenty love :)