Monday, May 31, 2010

winter artwork...

The pic is a little blurry as I took it with a camera rather then scanning it in (don't have an A3 scanner). I used felt tip pen and my Derwent Artist pencils - love my pencils :). I often draw these little critters in my scenes rather than cartoon people. They're kinda a cross between a monkey and a teddy bear.

Here's a few close up's cropped from the picture:

It's winter here tomorrow :) Despite my snow pic, winter in Coffs Harbour is mild. We're still in shorts and t-shirts and when I walk along the beach, there's always someone swimming in the surf (and that someone will never be me. I'm happy to wait until summer). I've only seen snow a couple of times ever - when I lived in the Blue Mountains as a child. And it was cold (I had to wear gloves!). And kinda dirty (not pretty blue and purple like I've drawn it) but very very cool. 

And, despite it being winter - the next three books in my YA TBR pile all have summer in the title:
  • Endless Summer - Jennifer Echols - pumped for this one!!!* Plus, it's two books in one - 'The Boys Next Door' and the sequel, so 600+ pages of Echolite Pleasure :)
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han - I have high expectations for this (due to universal rave reviews). One girl, two brothers, one summer, I'm feeling it already...
  • Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler (recommended to me by a friend who has the best taste in all things YA...)

Tomorrow, I'll announce the winner of my Top Ten YA post - so leave a comment if you want a chance to own a copy of a book off my list. (I'll use The Book Depository - so open internationally)

x Naomi

*I am not an exclamation mark kinda girl - but! Jennifer Echols!


  1. Holy Shmokes! Those drawing are SOOOOO cute! Honestly have you ever tried to sell them? You could make your own children's book with them, being the artist and the writer. Really, you should try it. :)

  2. Hey Nomes! Cool blog!
    As always, love your artwork. Those critters are soo cute. I'm going to have to buy one off you one day ;)

  3. VERY cool artwork, I'm impressed! And yay for Twenty Boy Summer - I'll have to check out the other summer reads on your list.

  4. I normally hate people who can draw, cos they remind me that I suck at drawing, the one talent I wish I had ... I would trade anything to be able to draw. For you though, I'll make an exception, cos those are really, really cute drawings ;)

  5. Hey - thanks guys :) All you comments made my day.

    And Glen, thanks for including me in your exception to the rule. And, yeah, it is a kinda cute drawing :)

    Karin - I'll have to make you a pic. Maybe a nice sunny one so you can think of me in Coffs and then...yourself in Parkes ;)

  6. Those are nice drawings. The monkey-bear critters are really cute! And I find it funny how it's winter and your next books on your TBR list have the word summer in the title.

    (Okay, so I'm just easily amused.)

  7. You are very talented. I had to re-read the header though to understand the context. Ahhhh, you're in Australia. Makes sense now.

  8. You are such a pretty artist. Love it!

    Arg, I wish I'd entered. Sigh. I so want Endless Summer and The Summer I Turned Pretty!


Thanks for the commenty love :)