Monday, December 20, 2010

Favourite Aussie YA 2010 - Me :)

This year I read 55 Aussie YA books

22 of them were re-reads (okay, I am a HUGE fan of making time to re-read favourites - one of my favourite things to do is curl up with a familiar and favourite book and hang out with the characters again in their world). My re-reads included:

  •  the entire tomorrow series (7 books) which feels like home to me more than any other series. I will never tire of visiting Ellie and Homer and the gang.
  •  all my Jaclyn Moriarty books. Completely love those books. I BEG OF YOU if you have not read Jaclyn Moriarty TRACK HER DOWN. She is my favourite author. She is available internationally. Oh, I love her so.
  • all my verse novels: Steven Herrick and Margaret Wild being my top Aussie verse writers. I am always astounded by their brilliance each time I re-read them. As if I don't quite remember just how astonishingly good they are from the first time around
  • I re-read some Marchetta brilliance
  • and a bundle of books I wanted to re-visit because it had been a while...

33 of the Aussie YA books I read this year were brand new to me. Yippee! And lots of them I fell in love with. I'm not going to post ALL my faves but I have narrowed down nine that shine (*round of applause* what an accomplishment). OKAY, so I started doing an honourable mention section - but it was getting out of control...

A lot of them were from the CBCA notables (22 titles) and short-list. My library purchases all titles from the CBCA every year

So, without further blah blah, here's nine of my favourite Aussie reads this year (In no particular order) : They are not perhaps the best I read - more the ones that just completely resonated with me, you know, just because...

I reviewed all but the bottom two, Marchetta and Zusak - both stunning masterpieces. I so can't wait to re-read all of these already - they are firmly wedged in on my favourites shelf. Here's hoping you guys get a chance to read some of these too!

Six of them were released this year - the other three are slightly older titles. Five of them were debuts :) All of them were outrageously awesome. Only THREE of them are available internationally - ouch :(

As for Good Oil. When I first read it - I really enjoyed it. A lot. The funny thing is - 6 months later and I am still thinking about it. All the time. My love for the book grew astronomically in retrospect. I get that people (especially those who don't do much contemporary) maybe could read it and not find the magic in there. But for me ~ it just really struck a chord. And I guess that's why best-of lists are so personal. But Good Oil, oh how I love you <3

Mini mention to Jarvis 24 by David Metzenthen ~  no one has mentioned it yet and I had such a good time reading it. It also was this years winner of CBCA (best book for older readers.

As for questions I asked other bloggers regarding their all-time faves ~ I have 5 favourite Aussie authors that I have adored since I was a teenager AND I'll get around to posting that tomorrow... :)

x Nomes


  1. 55 Aussie books YAY! Love your top 9! I only haven't read Tim Pegler (which I knew I should I brought on the weekend - damn it!) and Markus Zusak. I can't wait to start Jarvis 24.

    Look forward to your favourite author post :)

  2. Wow 33 new Aussie titles.You put me to shame! Looking forward to tomorrow's post :) x

  3. Thanks Nic and jess. I always use my library which stocks a lot of the Aussie stuff :)

    And I was going to talk about my fave authors in this post but it was getting absolutely HUGE.


  4. Oh wow, you read so many Aussie books this year! If Aussie books were readily available here in the Philippines, I'd read all of your recommendations. Maybe I should tell the local bookstores to order books from there. It's a good thing I have a friend coming home from Australia so I asked him to get Raw Blue, Graffiti Moon, Good Oil and Six Impossible Things. Can't wait to read them. :)

  5. @ chachic - you chose awesome books! I love that you enjoy the Aussie stuff! :)


  6. Excellent post - my TBR list just grew a bit. Again. :-)

  7. I loved Raw Blue and Good Oil and The Piper's Son too. Haven't read the others yet - but have heard a lot of great things about all of them!

  8. wow, congrats on all those aussie books! i have a feeling I should read Graffiti Moon... i've seen that book on so many of these lists! plus a bunch of others i havent heard of... :( awesome post!

  9. 55 books?! You are a machine! :D Thanks for such awesome reviews, Nomes - it's solely because of you that I bought (and ADORED) Beatle Meets Destiny.

    What a great pick of books!

  10. I have Beatle Meets Destiny, which I bought after reading your review and I am waiting on Graffiti Moon to be back in stock at the Book Depository so I can pre-order it. Also will be ordering The Piper's Son and Raw Blue, but have to wait a while for these to come out over in the US.

  11. Great picks. So sad that only three are available internationally though. I think The Piper's Son might be tied with Fall for Anything as my favourite novel of 2010. I need a re-read :)

    I also must try the Tomorrow series

  12. I am begging Penguin to hurry up and publish Raw Blue in the states - such an amazing book - I can't say enough good things about it!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  13. WOW! There are so many great Aussie books. Sadly, sometimes they can be really hard to find. I have many of these books on my 2011 reading list. I want to start with Jaclyn Moriarty too.

  14. You know how much I LOVE Australian lit. LOVE! I really value all of your opinions and am trying to actively track down many of the titles you have spoken about...especially Good Oil. I have heard such amazing things about it.

    Thanks for sharing your fave reads!

  15. I have fallen so in love with Aussie lit thanks to you, though I couldn't possibly read that many in one year!! I need to add Good Oil to my list. I love books that you think about months later. Sounds good!!

  16. Haha - I didn't mean the couldn't possibly read it as a bad thing, just that I don't have time to read everything I want. *sigh* They ought to make 48 hour days just so you can spend an extra 24 hours a day reading. :)


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