Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Titles I am so very much looking forward to

I love a fresh start to my reading year and looking forward to all the goodness that is to come. I am considerably out of the loop in terms of even knowing what is coming out. I also find it hard to work out if some of my fave authors have upcoming books (particularly Aussie authors as the publishers often don't reveal upcoming titles until a month or two beforehand). Desperate for anything by Jaclyn Moriarty, Liane Moriarty or Nicola Moriarty (that sisterly trifecta of pure genius). And, as always, hanging out for Cath Crowley's upcoming (?) novel...

Here's ten picks that have me really glad 2015 is here already and that these books are not too far away (yay!). Links in titles go to goodreads.

Dying to get my hands on the final instalment. Desperate for more of Rafa (haha), and Gaby, too, obviously ;). I am planning to read Shadows, Haze and Shimmer in the week before Burn's release. Really looking forward to that, too. (I have been saving my reread up despite being tempted a few times)

I loved The Winner's Curse and am so hoping to continue my loving streak for #2 in this series (I do have a tendency to sometimes lose the love for series in between titles sometimes...I doubt that will happen here :))

I loved Hand's Unearthly trilogy, despite it not even being my genre (and I have looked past the fact that my fave guy was like picking Gale again, haha). Now she has written in my fave genre and I am so excited to check it out. I have a feeling I am going to love this book <3

It feels like I have been waiting on another Donna Freitas book for a long time and it's finally nearly here. I was hanging out for this before the blurb, which sounds not exactly my thing? (I'm not too fond of the Gone Girl comparison) but I am still aching to get reading as I love her characters and the way she cuts to the emotion (as well as brings some good contemporary YA swoon)

Kasie West is a perfect rainy day comfort read and I need those kinds of books like crazy <3

I love Lisa Scroeder and have read all her titles. This upcoming one has the best premise (24 hours left on earth until an asteroid hits and destroys all left behind ~ one guy and one girl have a day of possibilities). I am so drawn to the title, the vibrant cover and the premise = madly enthusiastic for.

I loved the first two books in this series. I need to see how Rose is going, and I def need another fix of Jamie Forta... haha. Also, I am loving the vibe and title of this cover. I'm thinking my girl Rose is going to whip it this time round, lol

I love Ockler and I love the sound of this: seaside town + inspired by The Little Mermaid. 

The cover is brilliant, the blurb sounds so fantastic. I think this could be a real hit.

Love Emery Lord's writing in her debut so really hoping this is another book to keep me up all night. And I definitely need some more contemporary YA faves in 2015 ~ I've placed some hopes on this one.

I am pretty much hoping all these titles will be seen again here on my blog in my faves of 2015 list :D
 Are any of these on your radar? 
What are you most looking forward to that I need to know about?

x Nomes

Edit: For a hugely exciting and comprehensive list of 2015 titles to get excited about definitely check out Alpha Reader's post. It's epic and awesome and took me half an hour to go through ~ added so much anticipated goodness to my radar and TBR. I had already drafted this post before reading Alpha Readers' so I haven't changed my intial picks here but there are some o fher list that I definitely would have added. 


  1. oooohhhhhh - Paula Weston's latest, YESSSS!!

    Great picks, and thank you for the mention :)

  2. So many pretty books!
    I think that the one that calls to me the most is the Lois Lane one! ;)

    Also, the start of me and you, :)

    These were all lovely picks )

  3. Ooooo thanks Nomes. I haven't read anything by Donna Freitas before but The Tenderness of Thieves sounds good :)

  4. I'm glad to see that we have a handful of books that we both are excited for this year! Burn, The Winner's Crime, The Fill-in Boyfriend and No More Confessions are high on my to read list! I also didn't realise that Freitas had a new book coming out, I shall be off now to check what that is all about!


Thanks for the commenty love :)