Monday, March 16, 2015

Updating inkcrush: Aussie YA

inkcrush is approaching it's 5 year blogoversary ~ so, I've been taking some time to update a few pages that had woefully fallen by the wayside (*insert Birds of Tokyo song here*). I made the Aussie YA page so long ago now as a way to shout out about some of my fave and nostalgic home grown YA reads. I have updated it somewhat (sporadically) over the years but I have just added some fresh new authors whose work I really love and I think you'll like them, too. 

I actually don't know if anyone even reads my Aussie YA page (haha, who knows?) and I even feel a tad foolish writing my little mini-tiny author blurbs as I get all repetitive and basically just want to say: Gah! Loved it! Read it! Etc, etc. But I am aiming to sound slightly more ... coherent than that

Here's 9 new authors I've recently added ~ and a little about their books (which I really liked so very much and absolutely recommend). You can also find more Aussie authors I love on the page (with updates for many as new works have been released since I originally added them on there).

Sarah Ayoub
Her debut is smart and articulate, brave and honest, swoony and fun. I love her prose and her characters and the way her work appeals to teens of today.

A J Betts
Her characters are messy and complicated and hopeful and true. Betts writes books that are brave and honest and doesn't shy away from emotions that are raw and painful. Her books shine and linger and offer something unique and compelling for Australian teens.

Pip Harry
Pip Harry is one of those YA authors who capture the teen voice and experience so authentically and without condescension. Harry's writing is fresh and real and I expect she will go from strength to strength with each new work. Both her books are compelling, unique and memorable.

Rebecca James
Gorgeous, evocative writing. Total Ausse vibe and setting. twist, unputdownable psychological thrillers with older YA (uni age) protags. James knows how to suck you in and keep you up all night.

Juliet Marillier
I am so late to this party, but, mate, what a party it is! Working my way through her backlist now and savouring every morsel. Stunning fairy tale and folk lore retellings with characters that make you bleed (and also swoon a little, haha). I've started with the Seven waters series and they are breaking my heart and piecing me back together again. 

Ellie Marney
Splashed on the scene with her messy, zingy and complicated Melbourne-based (and then London, followed by small country-town) sleuthing series inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Fun, gritty and adrenalin pumping action. Also, be prepared for many moments of chemistry giving the series an upper YA vibe.

Christie Nieman
Her debut is a beautiful, compelling and utterly original story that marches to it's own exquisite beat. Loved it.

Jessica Shirvington
Total surprise love from me. Her ideas are fresh, characters flawed and likeable and her execution is engaging. Between the Lives is breezy and compelling. Her Disruption duology is a complicated but totally imaginable dystopianish high tech future. Also, she brings the swoon

Claire Zorn
Zorn has blasted on to the Aussie YA scene with two very compelling and real novels. Love her fresh, engaging and real style. The Sky So Heavy is for fans of Tomorrow When the War Began and The Protected is one that may catch your emotions by surprise. So excited for more from Zorn. Both books featured in my top reads of (their respective) release years.

Another new thing

I recently made a list on goodreads titled 2015 Aussie YA Releases. So far I've added 13 Aussie YA books I know are coming out this year but I know there must be more, so feel free to add away (And really hoping for Jaclyn Moriarty's #3 in the Colours of Madeleine series to be a 2015 release... anyone have news on that?) *Please note I just added the books in order that I came across them, not in order of my anticipated faves ;) It's be good to see the list grow so I can build some good anticipation for new Aussie faves coming our way :D


  1. I love Aussie YA - so I appreciate you doing this! I usually find YA through Aussie bloggers! Loved Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James - must read Sweet Damage soon. Also, 5 years! Me too! Can't believe I've stuck with blogging for so long! :) x

    1. I know re the 5 years! I think I am only still going because I allow myself to chill out with it and have extended breaks when life is busy, etc, haha. I think you have been much more consistent than me, but I am glad I am still here (and you, too! Not many are from those days!).

      Definitely check out Sweet Damage ~ it was gothic-ky and very addictive.

  2. Sarah Ayoub and Ellie Marney have been two Aussie authors that have been on my to read list for some time now, I've have Ellie's first book to look forward to, but Ayoub's still isn't available over here, the cover is gorgeous though, so I'm going to check if its available on Fishpond! A lot of the other authors you've mentioned I've not heard of before, but I shall be checking them out now! Thanks Nomes, I love coming across new Aussie YA books! :)

  3. Nomes! My 5 year is coming up in May. Though I barely post anymore... I still check occasionally to see what others are up to. I'm so glad of all the Aussie goodness you've shared over the years. Some of my very favorite authors are Aussies. Thank you!


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