Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five years of inkcrush + giveaway

Whoo hoo! 

It's been 5 years since I started inkcrush. So much has changed in that time (online and in real life). So many great blogger and reader buddies have come (some have gone again) and I'm still making new friends (hi, everyone!).

I really want to thank everyone who has been a part of inkcrush (so thank you!). You really don't know what it means to me to know that people drop by and comment, or have a read and ghost away again. I am continually surprised to see someone has linked to me, or someone knows about me (and this little squidgy corner of mine on the internet) or has found a new fave read from following me. There have been quiet patches on this blog and I've contemplated farewelling this space but it is a testament to my buddies and the lovely authors out there that I am still here (and I am very glad that I have not abandoned my little blog).

In a challenge for myself, I've picked six books from each year of blogging that I have major love for to reminisce about the last five years of my reading life. Not necessarily my *absolute* fave books from that year but ones to highlight and recommend as books I have incredibly fond memories of reading (and I've tried to be a little diverse in terms of genres).

BTW, it was ridiculously hard just picking six, I am totally congratulating myself for sticking to that feat! :)

Top picks from 2010

Top Picks from 2011

Top Picks from 2012

Top Picks from 2013

Top Picks from 2014

Top picks so far for 2015

New series I've found and loved

Giveaway :) 
Giving just a tiny bit back to celebrate
GL & may the force be with you...

One winner ~ 
your choice of any book/preorder up to $25 AU* from The Book Depository or Fishpond** 
OR a $20 Amazon gift card

Give-away ends on May 25
Winner notified by email

* roughly $20 US /13 pounds UK
** Or, if an Aussie wins, can also choose from Booktopia, Bookworld, The Nile, or Ebay, haha :)


  1. Congrats on your blog turning 5, Nomes!! *tosses confetti and cupcakes in your direction* Wow, has it really been that long? :O It's great that you've managed to keep up the blog and continue posting awesome stuff. Whenever I see you've got a new post up, I'm always eager to check it out! Love your review style :)

    Thanks for the awesome international giveaway! As always, so cool to see that Winter of Fire popped up on your list, I think you are one of the only bloggers I know who has also read and loved that book :)

    1. Winter of fire is amazing! I actually reread it again just a couple of months ago.

      Haha, thanks for the praise :) I am not the most routinely dedicated of bloggers, but i still love it when I get into my mojo x

  2. Wow 5 years! Congratulations! I'm just returning to blogging, I've missed it.
    So many great books in your round up and I shall be forever grateful to you for introducing me to Jaclyn and Laine Moriarty 😄

    1. Hey Alexa!

      I did not know you were blogging again! I am a follower but nothing has come through in my feed yet so I will have a look into it!

      Yay for our mutual love of Jaclyn and Liane (Nicola is also very good-- you should see if you can track down her two novels) :) I am DYING for the final book in the Madeleine chronicles.

      Hope you are well x

    2. Very well thanks, hope you are too, you sound super busy!

      I'm now blogging here no reviews yet, I'm building up, plus I forgot how long it takes to write a review!

      Sadly I can't get Nicola in the Uk or here here in Canada :(

  3. Happy 5 years, Nomes!!! It's crazy to think that so much time has gone by right? My 6 year blogoversary just passed and I had to do the math because it was shocking to me that I've been around so long. I started my blog when I was about graduate high school and now I'm in grad school! (Insanity!!!) Anyway, I'm so glad that you've stuck around. You're one of my favorite blogs :) I'd rather have you pop in now and then instead of leaving for good. NEVER LEAVE *clings* <3 And thank you for the super generous giveaway :D

    1. Congrats on your six years! Your blog always stood out to me with it's funky unique name, haha! I actually cisited your blogovesary post a couple of days ago to comment but the comment box was missing for some reason (maybe just my browser?).

      You're def getting older, haha! When I started my blog my kids were aged 5, 7 & 8 -- now they're 10, 12 and 13 and reading YA themselves! Crazy!

      You'll still be seeing me around x

    2. Thank you! hehe, it continues to surprise me (happily) that people take note of my blog name :) no it wasn't your browser--I actually formatted that post so that no one could comment. I didn't think anyone would since I get so little comments these days.

      We're all getting older, ah!!! But that's cool. Another wave of readers are coming along now :)

  4. Congratulations on your five year blogoversary Nomes! That is one epic achievement, I remember when I first joined Goodreads, yours was one of the first blogs I came across and loved, and since then you've put so many great books on my radar, so thanks for that! Here's to many more years of fabulous reading to look forward to!

  5. Oh Nomes, congratulations! I didn’t realise you started blogging the same year as me, but it was such a nice welcoming to the blog world thanks to you, and I’m really glad we’ve been able to blog together for five whole years! I’ve definitely missed seeing you around during the quiet periods, but it’s always nice to see a post from you.
    I have seriously read 3 of these books, but seeing as one was Daughter of Smoke and Bone… well that makes up for it, I suppose! I would definitely put that on my favourite list, what an incredible gorgeous piece of work. Aah. I’ve got to finish the series!

    Happy blogversary! And happy reading. Xx

  6. Congrats on five years of blogging, Nomes! I loved how give us your top picks through the years. The Piper's Son, Graffiti Moon, and All the Truth's That's in Me are favorites of mine, too. :)

  7. I'm surprised by how many of the books in your list I've read!! :D that¡s really, really awesome!!!

    I think my favorite of your list is the Piper's Son definitely. Though I like Good Oil a lot too, and the Marillier Books, I love Daughter of the Forest.

    Anywya!! Happy anniversary!! :D

  8. I was trying to figure out when it was I found your blog, I remember realizing we shared a lot of books on Goodreads. But I am not sure what came first blog or Goodreads. But I was so glad to find someone who has such similar taste in books especially from another country because you have introduced me to some great Aussie authors. Thanks for sharing I enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Woohoo! *throws confetti* Congratulations Nomes! It's been lovely to meet you through blogging and I've loved getting book rec's through Inkcrush. Such a great set of top picks as well - it must have been so hard to only pick a few! I see there are still plenty more good books I need to read ;) Here's to another great blogging year! xo
    Michelle @ The Unfinished Bookshelf

  10. congrats on your 5-year bloggerversary Nomes :) I've been so enriched, entertained and relaxed by the many books you've recommended to me over the years. My hubby was hovering reminding me it was past bedtime when I was reading your post last night, and I was too busy pointing out all the books I've read from your top picks, many I have also re-read. And there are some I can look forward to reading too :) I will have to get you cake or lemon meringue pie when we meet at bookfest to celebrate your blog being 'old enough to go to school'. But I think it's too cool for that. OK my comment is getting a bit lame and weird now, so I will stop with one last "CONGRATS" :)

  11. Congrats on 5 years of blogging, Nomes! Time flies, huh?

    Thank you for your recommendations over the years, your enthusiasm for Oz YA and mostly, for being so awesome and kind. You were the reason I started my own blog and for that push and inspiration, I'll always be grateful because it's brought me so many memories, experiences and friends. <3

  12. Congratulations on your blogoversary Nomes! It’s always such a pleasure to read your thoughts. Don’t even think of leaving us! There are many of my favorite books among those you’ve picked, but there are also several new to be. Thanks for recommendations, I’ll check them out. It’s so hard to pick only 6 though.

  13. Congrats on 5 years, Nomes! Sorry I'm a bit late seeing this, I've been a bit MIA the last few months. So many wonderful books listed here and it has been a pleasure and oh-so much fun to swoon over them with you these last 5 years. xx


Thanks for the commenty love :)