Saturday, June 10, 2017

Interference by Kay Honeyman

I will not get involved…I will not get involved…I will not get involved…

As a congressman’s daughter in Washington, DC, Kate Hamilton always pushes to make things right. But when a scandal sends her family to Red Dirt, Texas, she decides to step back for a while. She’ll take pictures for her portfolio. She’ll volunteer at her aunt’s animal shelter. And most of all, she’ll stay out of politics (including her father’s latest election) and away from guys (especially after her ex’s betrayal).


If Kate’s political skills can be useful in Red Dirt, should she really let them go to waste? After all, her friend Ana Gomez and quarterback Kyle Stone would be a perfect match. Her dad’s campaign could benefit from a teenage perspective. The irritatingly handsome Hunter Price should learn he doesn’t know everything…When Kate’s plans backfire, she must find the soul beneath her DC spin, and risk her heart—the biggest involvement of all.

Interference is an Emma-inspired retelling (Jane Austin) that is really cute and full of energy, politics, football and a Texas small town vibe. 

Also included: ill-inspired matchmaking (see: Emma retelling), new friendships, hidden agendas and unexpected enemies, an animal shelter, plenty of mishaps and a swoony guy. 

Interference was lots of fun to read and Kate really is a force to be reckoned with. She is often brash, relentless and frequently found plotting and scheming. She's also vulnerable, determined and charming. Kate really makes a mess of a lot of things and has to face the consequences, but through it all you see her big heart and well meaning intentions. A lot of her relationships with other characters were complex ~ I loved that nothing felt straightforward and there were layers to both the relationships and the characters. 

 I found Interference fast-paced and my only complaint is that at times it felt like there was a lot of story threads going on so the plot felt cluttered in the middle ~ but they all tie up brilliantly in the end.

Some fave moments: the calf birthing scene, on top of the water tower scenes, learning to drive, photography scenes with Ana (what a gem <3), and, really, any of the scenes between Kate and her love interest (ha!).  

I will be reading more from Kay Honeyman and absolutely recommend you check Interference out if you're a fan of YA contemporaries ~ especially if the football, small town, politics (and cute guys) premise intrigues you.  

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  1. I loved Interference too, but Honeyman's debut is even better IMO if you haven't picked it up. Wonderful review--so glad you enjoyed this one! It's woefully under-appreciated.

    1. I def have to hunt down a copy of her debut! Yes ~ I do think this is underappreciated! I am so glad I was browsing my goodreads TBR and remembered it. Def a reADING HIGHLIGHT SO FAR FOR 2017 x


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