Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Books I'm lusting after

Here's a handful of YA contemp (of course ;) that I am absolutely craving.

and that I haven't seen a lot of buzz around for...

Some are débuts, others from authors I'm familiar with. ALL are not published yet

Links go to goodreads for blurbs and more info :)

As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott

Haven't seen much buzz around for this (probably too early?). BUT ELIZABETH SCOTT! I ADORE her ~ she is my must-read author.

The blurb of this sounds less contemp and more speculative fiction? OR, actually, I have no idea what this sounds like, haha. Very mysterious...

Sept 15

(And at first the cover freaked me out ~ or, at least, startled me ~ but it's definitely grown on me)

The Survival of Kit by Donna Frietas

Oct 11

From the author of This Gorgeous Game (which I loved). It's a heart-felt romance. Awww :D

And I want it.

Also, I'm really into the cover, hey.

There You'll Find me by Jenny B Jones

Sept 7

About a senior girl on a foreign exchange program to IRELAND !! (hooked right there)

Who meets hot teen actor at her host family's B&B (sold right there)

It just sounds fabulous and like my kind of read...

And Then Things Fall Apart by Arliana Tibensky

July 16

I just like the cover and the title and the vibe this gives me :)

It sounds like a wonderfully engaging coming of age story ~ romance, growing up, set over summer & Sylvia Plath :)

Sass and Seredipity by Jennifer Ziegler

July 12

Isn't it gorgeous?

AND from the author of How Not To Be Popular (how I ADORE that book!)

This one's about sisters. Sigh.

Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard

June 14

This one's set at a boys boarding school with a synopsis that sounds mystery/thriller-esque.

It just appeals to me for some reason? I haven;t heard much about it though... (it's a debut author)

My Beating Teenage Heart by C K Kelly Martin

Sept 27

It's by C K Kelly Martin. Who is fast becoming a must-read author for me.

As for the premise. Oh MY Gosh. I have no idea what it all means but it sounds original and fabulous and very must-have.

The Fox Inheritance by Mary E Pearson

August 30

Not contemp ~ but a sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox.

I'm intrigued...

AND next week I want to highlight up-coming Aussie releases that have me oh-so-very pumped

Which of these do you want to read?

Any of these you hadn't heard of?

Which is your favourite cover?


  1. Awesome list! I hadn't heard of There You'll Find Me before, but Irish setting = win. And I love the Sass & Serendipity cover, it's so cute and that purple dress just pops!

    And As I Wake has a very intriguing premise, really like the sound of that one.

  2. As I wake, the cover is eye catching that I can't deny. I can see it growing on me for sure!

  3. I actually really like the cover for as I wake. It's creepy, mysterious and AWESOME!

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  5. I've been looking at the As I Wake cover on my mobile so I didn't really see it until now. But hey, it's Elizabeth Scott -- should be good! :)

    And Jenny B. Jones! I loved her adult novel, Save the Date. There You'll Find Me looks and sounds absolutely charming. :)

  6. I'm lusting after all of these! I hadn't heard of Ziegler's next book until this post, but I loved How Not To Be Popular and Sass and Seredipity looks good too.

  7. I am excited for Sass and Seredipity by Jennifer Ziegler. I love books about sisters!

  8. I want them all :D

    Survial Kit and There You'll Find me are my favourite covers.

    Elizabeth Scott, I can't wait for this book. And I love that she is releasing two books this year. Although I am still not sure about that cover.

    Great post Nomes :)

  9. Thanks so much for this post Nomes! I only knew about a couple of them.

    I'm really interested in The Survival Kit, Sass and Serendipity, My Beating Teenage Heart and The Fox Inheritance.

    My fave title is Paper Covers Rock but my pick of covers would be Sass and Serendipity or Fox Inheritance.

  10. Oh wow! I hadn't seen the cover for As I wake yet, it's brilliant and Elizabeth Scott is one of my must read authors too. I can't wait for it, or her other book Between Here and Forever.

    I also love the covers of My Beating Teenage Heart and And then Things Fell apart. I'll be looking out for those two.

    Plus I love a heart felt romance so I'll be reading The Survival Kit!

    Looking forward to the Aussie recommendations!

  11. Wow what a fantastic list of some very intriguing books.

    I have had my eye on Paper Covers Rock as it has the whole Separate Piece thing going on for it and I just recently saw the cover for As I Wake and am lusting after this cover big time.

    Will definitely be checking out all the others on your list too.

  12. All of these look really good. I love the covers for My Beating Teenage Heart and And Then Things Fell Apart. Shall be adding the whole lot to my wish list.

  13. Great list, Nomes. I'm bookmarking! There You'll Find Me sounds great - I haven't seen a lot of YA set in Ireland, so I'll definitely be checking that one out.

    Thanks also for your great recs on my Contemp YA post this week! Amazing! :)

  14. they all look amazing :)
    i'd like to know more about paper covers rock, the boy is cute!
    have you read the new brigid lowry book yet? it's good, i keep meaning to review it. i will soon

  15. I just added There You'll Find Me to by tbr list since this is the first time I'm seeing it! Such a great list of books!

  16. Great post!!! I love that these are books that I haven't really heard all that much about. That makes me want to read them ever more :)

  17. Haven't heard of ANY of them, but then that's why i come here, hey? :-) My favorite cover is definitely As I Wake. Just love it! But all the books sound good. Generally i don't like straight up romance but that one that takes place in Ireland actually sounds pretty good. and i definitely want to check out Paper Covers Rocks. Love a male POV story and anything mystery/thriller related.

  18. Whoa. LOVE the As I Wake cover and I'm a huge fan of sister books so I can't wait to hear more about Sass & Serendipity ;)

  19. Me Want! Yes, the lot of them!

    P.S. Why didn't I ever think to do some foreign exchange program back i my hay day? *sighs*

  20. I'm a paranormal crush girl at heart, so have to say As I Wake looks like my kind of thing. I love that cover too!

  21. They all look great! Paper Covers Rock and As I Wake (which has an awesome cover) especially - though There'll You Find Me sounds really sweet and fun.

  22. Is it me, or are all these covers fantastic?

    I'm new to YA so happy to see a list of must-reads here!

  23. Some of those covers are amazing!

  24. it is elizabeth scott, after all! we must swoon and be giddy. it's proclaimed somewhere i'm sure.

    i've been hanging out for the sequel to the adoration of jenna fox like crazy. it was my favourite read of 2009.

  25. there you'll find me! man, i can't believe I've never seen this book before, seems really cute + ireland = super awesome xD also, can i point out the obvious prettiness of that boy in Paper Covers Rock? :P love the post, got some new wishlist books now!

  26. Really looking forward to The Fox Inheritance. No Australian release date yet. Sigh. No wonder people buy books online instead of in bookshops. This makes me sad. (and ANGRY!) (and hungry and dopey and...bahahaha. oh dear. gone loopy)

  27. A sequel to JENNA FOX? Must have.

  28. OMG, they all sound soooooo good! Sadly not all of the are on Shelfari, so instead I've bookmarked this post! :D

  29. There You'll Find Me sounds soo good, although I am not very religious I'Ll give this novel a try:) Am an Ireland fan!

  30. I thank you for this list, from the bottom of my book-loving heart. My bank balance? Not so much. :D

    I took one look at 'There You'll Find Me' in particular and it's love at first sight. Can't wait!


Thanks for the commenty love :)