Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some news and stuff :D

Markus Zusak on TV tonight (!)
Tonight on First Tuesday Book Club Markus Zusak* is part of a panel discussing Cult Reads that grip your imagination and never let go. Wahoo! I am pretty pumped for it: ABC @ 10pm (encore screening Sunday 4:30pm)

Anyone planning to tune in? Personally, I DON"T THINK YOU WANT TO MISS IT.

*Aussie author of The Book Thief, I Am The Messenger, etc...

Inside a Dog

I have LONG loved our Australian YA site Inside a Dog ~ and especially get all pumped up every year about The Inkys (even though I am too old to vote...)

If you hadn't heard, Inside a Dog has had a revamp and is looking very snazzy indeed and is also now the baby of Adele (of Persnickety Snark fame).

 Here's Adele having a chat about the site: "It's what I would loosely call a YA Goodreads, except titles can have book trailers, first chapter pdfs and audio book samples attached,  Users can also indicate if they want to read, have read or review any one title and that's indicated on their profile.  We also have a writer in residence every month - they write a minimum of 3 posts each week.  This month is Brian Falkner, next is Gayle Forman etc  There are forum boards and book clubs (public and private) as well as professional resources for teachers/librarians.  I've started posting my snapshot reviews on the site as SnarkyWench." 

It really is worth going and checking out ~ not only does the content ROCK ~ it is also completely been FUNKIFIED ~ for all Aussie and International book lovers :D 

Win some signed Aussie YA

The ever-so- funky Jess from the Tales Compendium is having an INTERNATIONAL give-away featuring three signed Aussie YA books. You should absolutely go check it out.

LOVED this post

Did you guys read Missie @ The Unread Readers post in relation to book blogging and negative reviews and the YA mafia shizz? I JUST LOVE HER and all she had to say.


  1. I didn't know that Markus Zusak is going to be on tonight. I am super excited to watch this. 10 pm MUST NOT FORGET!

    Also loving the new Inside a Dog site. I have already posted a couple of reviews :)

  2. Thanks for all the info! I am going to check out Inside a Dog.

  3. Dannng I wish I was in Australia so I could watch Markus Zusak IN REAL LIFE (which is on TV, but since TV is basically my life, you get the gist..) And inside A Dog is awesome! :)

  4. *blushing beet red* Now my crush on you is even bigger.

    Nomes, I've got to say, Mr. Zuask is quite handsome. Don't kill me, but I haven't read TBT yet. I'll make it a must.

    And I first discovered Inside a Dog through Adele. Love the site!

    Thanks for the updates.

  5. Really? I've actually never seen the film; but you can probably tell that the book got me quite annoyed! ( :

  6. Oh and when you click on the link for the competitions website, the Markus Zuzak picture shows up...?

  7. but remember that in australia, and its original title, it's just called 'the messenger'.

  8. Oh, thanks for the reminder! Definitely need to stay up to watch Markus tonight!

    I went to the Inside a Dog launch and it looks awesome!

  9. The Book Thief is one of the greatest novels ever. Just love Markus Zusak.

  10. not missing markus zusak for anything.

    i am loving the new inside a dog, so much easier to use and very pretty.

    i'm going to the launch of triple ripple by brigid lowry this week. and i am very excited. if there's any questions you'd like ask or even a signed book i'd be happy to ask/ send it over. i know how much you love her writing.

  11. Bah - I should check my updates more frequently. Totally missed this. And MZ is such a cutie!!

    checking out your other links now. :)


Thanks for the commenty love :)