Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hard Cover v Paperback

Here's a bunch of contemp YA books that are all currently out in hard cover.
They ALL have had a make-over for their up-coming paperback release.

I'm a Paperback Girl: it's cheaper, less chunky and I love the little spine creases that show the readers love. However, sometimes I crush harder on the hard cover's cover. What do you guys think of these books new looks?

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
hard cover V paperback

Hard cover: I like purple, and I like the denim blue. I like the tentative-ness and the high school-ness and the hint of conflict. I like that the guys feet aren't hairy.

Paperback: Hmm, I do like the red ~ but I don't get it? What is the cover even about? I think I'll need to warm up to this one...

The Unwritten Rule: My fave is the hard cover

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

Hard cover: I like it. I love the road trip vibe, the symmetry and the colours, which are nearly sepia, but not. 

Paperback: It's cute and probably had a lot of thought put in. It is kind of funky ~ but only after I spend time with it ~ it doesn't instantly grab me...

My fave: I think I'm liking the hard cover better...

Hard Cover V paperback
The Karma Club

Both are cute. I probably favour the hard cover (again). I like her eye colour and the sneaky feel ~ the other one is cute but, hey, it does look like yoga (is there yoga in the book?) I think the hard cover is more visually arresting. I DO like how the paperback will match Jessica Brody's upcoming 2011 YA release >>> My Life Undecided

Hard Cover V Paperback
Gimme a Call by Sarah Mylnowski

Hard cover: it's cute and fresh and I love the face in the screen and the white space.
Paperback: It's retro and funky and very quirky/fun.

Me?: I'm undecided... I'm thinking I like the paperback best though... (?)

Dirty Little Secrets by C J Omololu

Conceptually, I like the keyhole design of the paperback ~ but all the black is SO bleak (although the text adds a bit of funk) . I have heard it's a bit of a bleak (but powerful and haunting) kind of read. I think I'll go with the paperback here :)

What do you guys think?
 Are there any here that you think is kicking it's fraternal twin cover's butt?

ALSO... have you read and loved any of these? Most of them look cute and fun. 
All are kind of hovering on my wish-list (none are out in paperback yet...)


  1. Great post. I love cover comparing! I agree with your choices. I think Gimme Me A Call paperpack is especially kicking the hardback cover butt.

    Love Amy & Roger's Epic Detour and I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy it. I have been looking at Dirty Little Secrets too. Haven't read many reviews for it though.

  2. Great idea for a post, Nomes! Can't say I'm thrilled about the PB of The Unwritten Rule. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour PB looks super funky and I love that the drawings seem to match with the whole road trip thing. I agree that it's one of those covers that needs to be looked at a little more closely than others, but I love the details.

    While I like that the The Karma Club PB matches with Brody's new book (which I'm moderately excited about, as I am about The Karma Club, which I was dying to read last year . . . ) it doesn't do much for me. Both of them. I love both covers for Gimme A Call. I'd buy both versions if I could. And I like both covers of Dirty Little Secrets. Took me a while to warm to the PB, but I got there in the end!

    I'm a bit sad that I have not read ANY of these yet. But I've actually had the urge to buy each and every one of them (in the cart kind of urge).

  3. I enjoyed reading this post (but then, I enjoy ALL of your posts). I'm kinda ashamed to say I haven't read any of these yet, though they are all on my wishlist.

    I prefer the hardcover versions of almost all the books, though I absolutely adore the paperback of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. It's so funky and cool.
    The paperback of Gimme A Call is very pretty, but going by the book title alone, I think the hardcover seems more apt for it.

  4. Funny that you say that. I am the opposite. I'm a hardcover girl. But then occasionally I fall in love with the paperback cover.

    Now for my votes:
    With the first three, I think the hardcovers are sorta blah.

    With the last two, I definitely prefer the hardcovers.

    Great post :D

  5. Definitely like the paperbacks for Gimme a Call and Dirty Little Secrets. While I haven't read Dirty Little Secrets I have read the summary and I think the key hole with the clutter behind the model does an excellent job portraying the hoarder thing. Great post.

  6. I generally borrow/buy books in paperback. Hardback is just too heavy! :)
    Some lovely covers. I prefered the hardback versions for most, but the paperback of Gimme a Call is my overall favourite :)

  7. love both covers for dirty little secrets. the HC is edgy and modern, but the paperback looks classic.

  8. Paperback girl here. And wow, do I love the PB cover for GIMME A CALL. Adorable!

  9. I prefer the hardback to The Unwritten Rule and Amy & Roger too. In fact, I think I agree with you on all of them. I haven't read any of them though (but The Unwritten Rule and Amy & Roger have been on my wishlist for aaaages). I was going to read Gimme a Call because I loved Sarah Mlynowski's All About Rachel series but I never got round to it!

  10. This is strange although I love my paperbacks, I prefer all the covers that are hardbacks :(

  11. Kind of crazy how covers for the same book can be vastly different. It is always fun to see them pair together though.

  12. I love comparing covers!
    I've only read Dirty Little Secrets and I really enjoyed it. It was something a little different.

  13. I adore the hard cover of The Unwritten Rule and it conveys the story perfectly. i don't know what the paperback cover is about. I really liked this one, it isn't my favourite Elizabeth Scott but it is very cute.

    I love the hardcover of Amy and Roger, although the paperback is cute. It reminds me of the UK Sarah Dessen covers, with all those little things from the story in there.

    LOVE the paperback of Gimmie a Call I would buy that book in a heart beat and I want that dress.

    I also much prefer the Dirty Little Secrets paperback.

    Great post! I always wonder who decides whether it gets a new paperback cover or not, I wonder if it is based on sales?

  14. I love the paperback cover of Gimme a Call! And Amy & Roger is coming out in paperback, maybe I should grab a copy of that when it becomes available here.

  15. Awesome post! Let me see...

    Unwritten Rule - I kind of like the paperback cover best, but it's unlikely I will read the book so meh.

    Amy and Roger's - I like both, but they got a very different feel. The paperback reminds me of American Graffiti for some reason. All in all, a tie for me.

    Karma Club - Hardback, hands down. The paperback looks like a yoga manual.

    Give me a call - Paperback! is more quirky.

    Dirty Little Secrets - I don't love either, but the hardback has a slight edge.

    I tend to prefer paperbacks too, but I also can't resist a pretty hardback, so for me if I get one or the other it has mostly to do with the author and the price, though I'm not above waiting for a change of cover if I don't like the original one. .

  16. Love the post, Nomes!

    The Unwritten Rule - I like the hard cover since I am obsessed with purple and that's the copy I own :D

    Amy and Roger's Epic Detour- Paperback seems more fun!

    Karma Club - Hardback. Like you said, the other one looks like Yoga.

    Give me a call - Paperback! It immediately captured my attention.

    Dirty Little Secrets - Hardback. It seems more mysterious.

  17. Eek, the paperback cover for Karma Club is awful. Looks like the cover for an instructional yoga DVD! Fun post! I want to do more comparing now.

  18. I like The Unwritten Rule in purple and I prefer the Gimme a Call paperback. I also think the latter is more timeless without a cellphone on the cover. I have a book a few years old showing a cellphone, and it looks so outdated now.


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