Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Teen Book Video Awards for Aussie students

Random House Australia is hosting a fab comp for Aussie high school students:

To enter create a 90-second video trailer for one of sixteen Random House young adult books (shown @ the bottom of this post).

The winning entry will win $1000 (cash!) as well as $1000 worth of Random House books for their school library.

Entry Conditions:

* You must be an Australian high school student
* You may enter as an individual or as a group
* The trailer must be for one of the sixteen titles chosen by Random House
* The 90- second video trailer must best represent the book you have chosen
* Entries close 30th September 2011

For more specific details click here.

Head over to the Random House website where you can register and find more information

Below are the sixteen eligible titles to use for the comp. 
(click on the book cover to see more info on each individual book)

Burn BrightDANGEROUSLY PLACEDDarkwaterThe Iron WitchThe Laws of MagicMAXIMUM RIDE: ANGEL

QuillBladeThe Ivory RosethylaTo Die ForVotive

MY LIFE AND OTHER STUFF I MADE UPWolfbornWhere she wentPig Boy

This is such a really cool idea and you have until the end of September to get reading and thinking and creating. Good luck :D


  1. Great Competition. I have been wanting to use book trailers in my class ever since I first saw them. I cannot wait to see what the students come up with. I really like that they have given them such a wide range of books to choose from.
    Hope you will post the winners when they are announced.

  2. Sounds like a terrific idea!! :) And now I want to check out some of those books I hadn't heard of before.

  3. Super awesome idea. Can't wait to see the trailers!

  4. WOW, awesome contest. If I lived in Australia, I'd definitely enter in a heartbeat. Looking forward to seeing the entries! :D

  5. What a great idea for a contest! I will be looking forward to the entries.

  6. Best to all who will be submitting!

  7. This is an awesome contest! Really looking forward to seeing the entries


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