Friday, August 20, 2010

CBCA 2010 Winner for Young Adult Category

The winner 
of the coveted 
Children's Book Council of Australia Best Book of the Year:

Jarvis 24 by David Matzenthen

So far, Marc E. Jarvis has lost a white football boot, a school tie and a best friend.
But there's more in store for him when he completes Work Experience at a local car yard – where his world is truly rocked, shocked and shaken.
Then Marc meets Electra.
And nothing will ever be the same again . . .
A story of true friends, crazed coaches, shooting stars, and loves lost and found.

And the Two Honour Books:

A Small Free Kiss in The Dark - Glenda Millard

 Two young boys, an old tramp, a beautiful teenage dancer, and the girl's baby--ragtag survivors of a sudden war--form a fragile family, hiding out in the ruins of an amusement park. As they scavenge for good, diapers, and baby formula, they must stay out of sight of vicious gangs and lawless soldiers. At first they rely on Billy, the only adult in the group. But as civil life deteriorates, Billy starts to fall apart. Skip, who is barely into his teens, must take over and lead them on a search for sanctuary. This complex and haunting exploration of life on the edge and what it takes to triumph over adversity is a story about the indomitable nature of hope.
The Winds of Heaven - Judith Clarke
 Clementine thinks her cousin Fan is everything that she could never be: beautiful, imaginative, wild. The girls promise to be best friends and sisters after the summer is over, but Clementine’s life in the city is different from Fan’s life in dusty Lake Conapaira. And Fan is looking for something, though neither she nor Clementine understands what it is.                        

Printz Honor Winner Judith Clarke delivers a compassionate, compelling novel with the story of a friendship between two young women, and of the small tragedies that tear them apart from each other, and from themselves. 

Other three on the short-list which missed out:

  • Stolen - Lucy Christopher
  • Liar - Justine Labalestier
  • Loving Richard Feynman - Penny Tangey 

And go here to read the winners and honour books in all the other categories. (Glenda Millard also has an honour book in the Children's Picture Book of the Year) And Lisa Shanahan wins Early Childhood Book of the Year - but I kinda wish she would write another YA, as I loved loved loved her YA title My Big Birkett.

And yay for National Book Week which starts next week. All sort of cool and funky things happening in libraries and book shops and schools all around Australia.

Sorry to all my international readers who I may bore with all these Aussie YA loving posts :)


  1. I looove the cover of Jarvis 24. I would read it just because of that :P. But it does sound really good too, so on the wishlist it goes.

    As for the header, I really like it, but then I really liked the old one too. So whichever you prefer, really.

    That didn't help at all, did it? :P

  2. Oh, man. These sound so good, especially Jarvis 24. I'd love to read that.

    And no, I'm not bored. I love hearing about the Aussie YA scene :)

    Also, I love all your headers. Your blog's very pretty!

  3. ooh I haven't heard of any of these and they all sounds fabulous. The cover of that last one reminds me of a very old Kate Winslet movie, whose name I cant remember but I think the plot was similar too, well it was about two girls anyway :)

    I loved you're old header but I am very girly. Then I liked the one yesterday and this one is great too. I like that the heart is back, thats such a great image, Plus some of my fave books are up there!

  4. I think they all sound awesome!

  5. I love your new layout! everything on your blog always looks so pretty!

  6. Dang I don't know which header I like best now. There are elements of each that I like individually. I like the concept of the floating girl and all the books around her, but when all the other pictures are in there too it does look a little busy. But I do like that I can see the title now and I love the concept of showcasing all your favorite books in your header. But I really did like the old one. Sorry I'm not being much help.

  7. My favourite writers are aussie.



    -pssst, loving the new layout-

  8. These sound awesome, so I'm adding them on my list :)

  9. All of them sound amazing and the covers are beautiful. :)

  10. thanks for all the Aussie love guys :)

    i'm alwasy intimidated by the australian talent in the YA scene.

    and Alexa, I know the movie you mean - a true New Zealand story - Heavenly Creatures. very creepy movie, that one. And the two girls (the real life ones) are still alive, hiding out somewhere after serving in prison (one is now a popular author!)

  11. oh - and changed back to my original header - not that y'all care :) not sure what i like - but hoping the blue and grey offset the girly factor just a touch :)

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  13. Although I am not Aussie, but making a trip there is my life long ambition, I was very interested in both the first post you had with the nominees and this one.

    PS. Also order Beatle Meets Destiny right after reading your review on Tuesday. Now I will be looking forward to getting the winners.

  14. Nice - haven't read Jarvis 24 yet, but would love to. And aww, the married authors didn't get anything?

    Love this post!

  15. @ Jan - you'll love Beatle Meets Destiny! At least, fingers crossed, haha. one of my fave books.

    @ Tina - your library will have Jarvis 24 for sure!

    married authors up for Queensland Premier's Award - announced on Tuesday this coming week :) Sorry - so many awards going around lately - it gets confusing...

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