Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Rosie Black Chronicles by Lara Morgan

Five hundred years into the future, the world is a different place. The Melt has sunk most of the coastal cities and Newperth is divided into the haves, the “Centrals”; the have-nots, the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers, the “Ferals”. 

Rosie Black is a Banker. When Rosie finds an unusual box, she has no idea of the grave consequences of her discovery. A mysterious organisation wants it – and will kill to get it. 

Forced to rely on two strangers, Rosie is on the run. But who can she trust? Pip, the too attractive Feral, or the secretive man he calls boss? 

From Earth to Mars, Rosie must learn the secrets of the box – before it’s too late. 

I loved this.

There's a great vibe to this book - which doesn't sag in momentum - the plot kept moving forward making it an energetic and captivating read. The prose is just lovely, clean and fresh, I'm a fan.

I adore Rosie. Mostly, I love that she stuffs things up a fair bit. She does things she's not supposed to - she's not always thinking straight. I love teens (and people) who have the best of intentions but somehow still manage to screw up and fudge their way along. Ultimately, she's one tough girl that I care oh-so-immensely about. She's inventive, and a strong protag. You will love her :)

Pip. I'll add him to the top of my crush-worthy list of fictional characters. He is just done so well. I can't pigeon hole him at all. He's a Feral and not what you expect and he keeps not being what you expect until you kinda don't know what to expect anymore. He's funny, clever, hot, mischievous and infuriating.

I was initially caught up by the mystery of the box, and how Rosie opens it and triggers a domino chain of events of seemingly never-ending catastrophic events (kinda like this run-on sentence). Then, the plot deepens, and twists and gradually I found myself invested not just in the story that was unfolding, but the characters. by the end, i was deeply invested in all the main characters lives. They have such intriguing histories and painful pasts and there's secrets, mysteries, and most of all - a huge betrayal. Ouch.

There's torture and freaky stuff going down on Mars... and other sci-fi stuff that I can't coherently relate but made sense when I read it, haha. (It's 500 years in the future: half set in Australia, then space and finally on Mars).

Boys will love this too. Plus, it would make an ideal classroom read. One of those non-boring high school texts that will captivate and spark a whole range of discussion and debate.

It's the first in a series. I'm really hanging out to see what happens next, hey :)

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The Rosie Black Chronicles is available now in Australia and New Zealand - yay! 

Thanks to Walker Books and The Book Gryffin for my lovely lovely copy :)


  1. This sounds amazing. I want it!
    Great review.

    P.S. - Love that cover!

  2. Sounds like another exciting dystopian novel, and I do love a good dystopian setting. I love the class distinction, and Rosie sounds like a terrific charcter. Your enthusiasm is so catching. Your love is dually noted and the book is now on my wish list.

  3. @ Danielle - I know - I adore the cover! You would LOVE this, I'm sure.

    @ Jan - glad my enthusiasm shines through :) I really loved this one - hope you can find it somewhere over there...


  4. O sounds great and it's nice when you come across a book males will enjoy too :)

  5. saw this in dymocks today, looked very cool.

  6. Wow, what a story! It sounds like it's really different and fun. And how can you not love a guy who's hot, clever and up to no good?

    Thanks for the fun review.

  7. Great review. I will be moving this up on my reading stack. I want to meet Pip :)

  8. Absolutely agree with you. I too loved the idiosynchratic characters, setting, plot arc. It's a cracker.

  9. I haven't heard of this before but you've just made me want to read it and soon, another great review Nomes!

  10. Thanks for the great review!
    "I love teens (and people) who have the best of intentions but somehow still manage to screw up and fudge their way along."

    Haha ! Me too!

  11. Coolies! Sounds totes amazing. I too hope to add Pip to a list of crush-worthy characters. There's always something to do with a Feral in dystopia-type novels. Even if this one is supposedly better fitted in the sci-fi category.

  12. i didn't love this one as much as you did. thank you for your review though. it reminded me to pop mine up!

    i agree it was a cracking plot. but the rest was just meh.

  13. Great review! So many good books so little time!

  14. I hadn't heard of this one til reading your review and I must admit your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm adding it to my wishlist. Thanks Nomes :)


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