Friday, June 18, 2010

Courtney Summers Next Book - Fall For Anything

Fall For Anything - Courtney Summers third book set for release December 21st 2010 - yay for christmas readng :)  This is the blurb taken from Goodreads

I stare at the bonfire until I realize it’s fallen quiet and everyone is staring at me. 
“Oh. It’s okay,” I say to Deacon. “It’s okay.” 
“Sorry about your dad,” Deacon says. “That was supremely f***** up.” 
“Yeah,” I agree. “It was.” 
“Is it true your mom’s like, catatonic?” 
“Deacon!” Jenna. 
“What?” Deacon asks. “It’s not like we’re not all thinking it.” 

A gritty story of one girl’s attempt to make sense of her father’s untimely death…

Ooooh - sounds good, right?  I became a lifelong fan of all things Courtney Summers after devouring her first two books. Has anyone not read these yet?  

Anyone else dying hanging out for the new book?

Check out Courtney's Blog - on her latest post she teases us with some info on the cover for Fall For Anything. And check out this post for some recommendations of books/movies she recently read and loved :) Books she hearts below:

Of which I haven't read any yet! 

Although Stolen is in my library's catalogue, but since being short-listed for CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia Awards - biggest awards for Aussie YA) it's no longer available for regular peeps like me as it's doing the rounds with the librarians. Check out the 2010 short-list for best book of the year. 

I am also a fan of C K Kelly Martin, so I really should bump The Lighter Side of Life and Death up my wish list a little.

And Dirty Little Secrets is another debut I'm super interested in.


  1. Cracked up to be was fantastic! I haven't read her second book yet... not really sure HOW I missed that one either.

    Thanks for all the links and book recommendations!

  2. Okay, it's official: I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL FOR ANYTHING. WANT IT NOW.

  3. I love Courtney Summers! Can't wait!

  4. this sounds great! i just stared cracked up to be last night, actually

    btw you have an award on my blog:

  5. Will be looking for this one. I want to read Dirty Little Secrets too.

  6. anything with death in a book is usually a good read :)


Thanks for the commenty love :)