Friday, October 15, 2010

I've signed up for Nano...

and I have no idea what I'm doing!

and I haven't told my husband yet - but I'm sure he won't mind... :)

I have two different ideas brewing...

Both ideas have characters and settings and a few scenes/inspirations but I haven't yet been hit with an inciting incident or major hook/conflict. Madly waiting for the lightning bolt to set one idea on fire! I am a fan of winging it so not too phased by not having an outline...

Following Girl Fridays visual inspiration for her nano - here's some inspiration for mine:

Inspiration for Idea #1:
(carefree and off-beat story)

Inspiration for Idea #2
( a bit darker, more emotional idea)

you can add me (I'm NomesR) - I'm starting to feel kinda pumped about it...

(maybe slightly freaked out as well)


  1. I LOVE the pictures. I must hear about your ideas :) I'm thinking of joining NaNo myself.

  2. Those images are amazing. I would have to say the one that tickles my senses is of the boy and girl stooped down kissing as the balloons give them cover.

    I hope you stay PUMPED!

    Post a few on my way posts and we can help you stay pumped.

    Mad Scientist

  3. That's so exciting - good luck with the writing!

  4. Yay!!! My username is Jen_Unedited. This is my first year joining and like you I have no idea what I'm doing, I have a few ideas both sort of mapped out so I'm hoping that something comes to front when November 1st arrives! But I'll be sure to follow your journey!

  5. GOOD LUCK!!
    I can't wait to hear about your ideas :)))

    Good luck! Again.

  6. I love, love, love these photos :)

    Good Luck!!

  7. I added you! I have no idea what to write about. But it will still be fun.

  8. Yay for NaNo! I added you (GatorSarah).

    I've had this idea for about 8 months now, but I'm just starting to really think about it.

  9. Yay, Nomes!! Good luck with it. I have absolutely no time for NaNo, maybe next year. :)

  10. Now your making me want to sign up for Nano. :)

  11. I am hyped about number 2 the most, but love both your ideas. Very cool pictures. Good luck!

  12. Love the pics especially the kiss and balloons one.

    Good luck!

  13. I am so excited about NaNo! I shall add you as a writing buddy (my username is chameleon_bex). This is my third year doing it and it is SO MUCH FUN. I hope you enjoy it!
    Also, those pics are amazing.

  14. Gosh, I love those pictures so much. Good luck with NaNo!

  15. OMG, I totally adore the photographs! So gorgeous.
    And g'luck. I'm still in two minds about NaNo..

  16. thanks for all these comments guys

    absolutely feeling the love and you cheering me on.

    i'll let you all know how it goes :)

    and - the pics are gorgeous, hey :)

  17. Great photos and great idea - that's one to steal when I need to do some procrastinating :)

    I really love the one of the girl looking over the river.

    I'm off to add you :)

  18. I think you're awfully brave for doing this. I don't know if I would be able to stick with this for a whole month. Good luck! :)

  19. Good for you!! I'll be cheering for ya.

    Also, love that one "I'm a real big fan of yours." The (now) Hubby basically said the same thing to me one the night we first got serious. Good memories :)

  20. Beautiful images!

    I signed up for Nano last year and well...didn't fail, but I didn't finish either.

    Its is great fun though and I am sure you will do amazingly well!!!

    *\0/* theres a little cheer squad for you :)

  21. Yay, congratulations! I'm sure you will do brilliantly at it!

    Visual inspirations are awesome and I sue them all the time when I write. The website 'We Heart It' has some really great ones. :)

    Anyway, your pictures are great and I'm already intrigued about the story lines! I wish I could participate myself, but my final exams run through November... I suppose I could start late... Hmm... You're tempting me. Haha.

  22. Yay!!! I'm so glad your going to do nano this year Nomes! I love both sets of photos and am intrigued to hear more about your story as nano begins :)

  23. Oh, good luck, Nomes. I'm always inspired when I find out someone has signed up for this. Keep us posted.

  24. I'm liking the visual inspiration ideas. I usually get inspiration from music, but I love how your two sets of pictures have such distinct 'feels' to them.

    Good luck with Nano! :)


Thanks for the commenty love :)