Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three books that have me feeling pumped...

Three upcoming releases from Penguin I am absolutely pumped about:

Australian Release Dates
Matched: Dec 7, 2010
It's going to be a great summer for reading!

And for Aussies, Penguin is giving away FOUR proof copies (ARCs) of Beth Revis' Across the Universe. Head to their YA blog Between the Lines for details on entering the comp.

I'm torn which of these three titles I want more. 

Anna and the French Kiss looks like it's my perfect read. I was hooked on the title and then the cover and more so after the blurb and then EVERY SINGLE REVIEW I've read of it has positively raved and swooned and fallen in love. 

Of course, Matched is perhaps the most universally anticipated YA release of the year. It's going to be brilliant. And the cover is stunning.I can't wait to see it in the flesh :)
And I recently stumbled across Across the Universe. And, yeah. Wow. Have you read the premise? It sounds amazing and even though I read mostly contemporary, sci-fi completely rules on our TV (My husband is all about sci-fi) and I love the creativity and possibilities with sci-fi. It just sounds brilliant. I think it's going to be BIG. Read the first chapterThe Across the Universe site.

Anyone else hanging out for any of these?
Anyone snagged proof copies and read them yet?


  1. Same here! I featured them on my blog too as my Wishlist Wednesday, and I'm glad that you feel the same.

  2. All of these books are on my wishlist. Its impossible for me to snag proof copies because of my location. I have to wait a longer time.*sad*

  3. You know I check the Penguin book listings everyday? I'm hoping against hope that the Anna cover remains the same as the US one, because I love it so. Pretty much just waiting for Anna, which won't be distributed until later. These three are high on the list of books to read, especially Matched since it releases the earliest out of the three. I read about 4 chapters (it was only meant to be 1) and it was great up to that point, so I'm excited to continue, and finish it! :D

    There are heaps more summer books coming out, too! I can't wait, and there is when some of the 2011 releases are going to be popping up. :)

    Misha, check your email.

  4. i read about anna and the french kiss the other day somewhere, but know nothing about the other 2 so i'm going to have to find out.

    it's funny, i' always draw to books where a character has my name, but i'm yet to be happy with the character. the 'Anna' is always the boring, sensible one. and if not she's the dumb or annoying one. i'd love to read a book where my name was an incredible, funny or exciting chracter. i suppose it just shows how much i'd like to be less sensible.

  5. oooooh, those other books sound so good.

  6. I've actually read Matched and it really lives up to the hype - it's also very beautifully written. I love the look of Across The Universe and Anna And The French Kiss. I wouldn't have picked up the latter except that every review that I've read has been great. Incidentally, I'll be running an international give away for a Matched ARC so keep an eye out!

  7. @Cass Sorry didn't get your email

  8. You wil LOVE Anna it;s fabulous. I am dying to read Across the Universe, it looks great. I actually have an ARC of Matched and haven't read it yet, it does have one of the lovelist covers I've seen in a while.

  9. I CANNOT wait for MATCHED! It looks so great :)

  10. I'm pumped to read Anna and the French Kiss too! It looks great :)

  11. I had the amazing opportunity to read Anna and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I have to write out a review for it soon....

    While I love Anna (and her cover), I'm stunned by how gorgeous the covers are for Across The Universe & Matched. They both look like fantastic reads :)

  12. I am so excited for all of these...especially Across the Universe! It sounds absolutely brilliant :)

  13. I wish I were Australian and could enter! I've read MATCHED (it's such a beautiful book) and am so psyched for the other two, especially ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

  14. I am in agreement!!!!! The first chapter of Across the Universe was AMAZING! :D

  15. I'm so glad you featured ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I'm excited about this too! I got to read two of the first chapters a while ago and then never realized it was getting published. And I agree, the premise sounds really cool. Plus the cover art is gorgeous and I just sat there staring at it for a minute. Can't wait for it to come out!



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