Friday, July 23, 2010

Cover Art and Graphic Hamlet

Check out a sneak peek @ the soon to be released graphic novel of Hamlet. Awesome, yeah? (Photo courtesy of Alien Onion)

I'm digging it. It's from Melbourne author/illustrator/lawyer Nicki Greenberg, who sold her first series, The Digits, when she was fifteen (& sold more than 380,000 copies).

Speaking of illustrators...

Jason Chan the guy who illustrated the UK/Australian cover of The Hunger Games also illustrated:
Katniss for The Hunger Games
Katniss and Peeta

Eyes Like Stars for Lisa Mantchev

Perchance to Dream - for Lisa Mantchev
For Book of the Order by Phillipa Ballantyne
Makes me think of Nya from Janice Hardy's The Shifter
The Girl Who Could Fly for Victoria Forester
And... Star Wars Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Love it!
Personally, I love illustrated book covers, especially ones by Jason Chan who is just whoah-talented.


Nomes (and, thank God it's Friday night! Whoo Hoo!)


  1. those are great illustrations!

  2. Whoa, that dude is seriously talented. The illustrations are epic. Loved them all!

    Woo hoo for Friday!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Stunning is too less of a word for his work! i agree the dude is awesome

  4. Wow, these are so beautiful - I'm a big fan of illustrated editions, too. Gives such a sense of character and setting, I think.

    Have a good weekend! X

  5. these drawings make me want to leap up and become some kind of superhero. thats how great it is

  6. I read the digits! That was the one with the fingerprints wasn't it? I loved that book, I remember thinking at the time how cool it was that she was so young when she wrote it

  7. They're all beautiful, but i really love the Eyes Like Stars cover. You do such interesting posts about covers and art - I want to see more of yours!!

  8. I'm glad you're all into it - I love looking at stuff like this. Such luminous talent and the energy.

    thanks Angie for the compliment, I may put some more of my art up here. feeling very unworthy and a little try0hard after looking at this stuff :)

    And Zarna - yeah, those book are so incredibly awesome. i wish i had thought of the idea. the digits rocked the nation. hahaha :)

    have a good weekend everyone :)

  9. these are all very cool and so stunning!

  10. Jason Chan is an amazing artist love all his artwork. Thanks for posting these.

  11. I honestly cannot describe how much I love the Girl Who Could Fly illustration. Thanks for sharing! (:

  12. I keep admiring the covers for Perchance to Dream and The Girl Who Could Fly when I'm in the bookstore. I can't believe I didn't clue in that it was the same artist.


Thanks for the commenty love :)