Thursday, July 15, 2010

Covers: Audrey, Wait - Robin Benway

Cover Comparison Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Bailey @ Abyss.
This week - nine mad crazy covers for Robin Benway's Audrey, Wait!


What's not to like about this cover? 
It's dynamic and funky and fun and loud and a little bit chaotic.
If you stare at it for too long, the arms/hands look a a little awkward...

US Paperback
I have this one. It's kinda cool. The model suits Audrey and the colours work well. I like the sideways text and the diagonal text (which is textured on my cover). I don't think it's as fun as some of the others, but I'm still proud of it :)


This one is hypnotic. And cute. Love the font. And the angle on which it sits. Love the stars. Love the record theme. I think this would jump out at me at the bookshop :) You just want to pick it up, dont you?

The Netherlands

You go, girl! :)
Okay, this one's a little busy, but I think it works, in a slightly dated kinda way. 
I like the hair splayed against the grey background and white swirls. 
I don't think this girl is Audrey though? But kudos to the model for rockin' it out hard.
(that outfit? the jeans look a little stone-wash-esque. Innnnteresting....)


Well, this is just cute. Not sure it would fly in the upper YA Australian market - but I bet Koreans dig it. 
I actually like it - when I first found it I was pumped :) 
It's different and obviously designed just for Audrey. 
And it's the exact loud cluttered colours I used to so love and flaunt as a teen.
And I love Audrey's little leg swoon moment <3


It's hard to compare this to the others -which are so tailor made to suit Audrey. But look at this individually and it's speaking to me. 
Not sure what the model is doing or trying to artfully express...(?)
 But who cares? 
It just looks funky. I want this cover - but I don't know if I want it on my Audrey wait.


Hmm. Yeah. I don't know...? 

German (titled: Heartbreaker Chartbreaker = LOL, in the nicest of ways)

The swirls are candy-esque (yum!), but I think I like the US hard cover better


Love the colours. It's missing the energy of some of the other covers, but it's still pretty cool. 
Love the use of white space and the purple. I like the photo turned illustration look. 
But Audrey doesn't play the guitar... details, details...

Which one is your favourite?

EDIT: additional covers





  1. My favorite (since you asked) is the Korean one! I love Koreans, everything is fun to them. And I love the tailored artwork, it's grrreat! ha!

  2. I think I like the Netherlands one the best. They're all pretty awesome, though!

  3. I think my favorite would be the US hardcover if you couldn't see straight up her nose (yikes). Also, the model doesn't look anything like the character described in the book. I guess the Korean one's my favorite then, lol.

    I love these posts! :D

  4. Hmm...haven't read this one, but I think I like the US hardcover best. Not sure why - maybe I'm homocentric.

  5. I like the Korean one!! Fun post and blog; I love the pictures you have on your header!

  6. I think the UK cover is my favourite (I'm always a bit funny with covers that have photographs on them though because I really like to imagine the characters myself). I think the Korean cover is so cute (though agree, it wouldn't sell well in YA here in Aus) and I'm actually a fan of the Italian cover for something a little more 'grown-up' - though in saying that Audrey,Wait! is so dynamic and fun it totally needs something really eye-catching.

  7. I love the US one

  8. who such a cool looking book! i like the us cover the best

  9. I love the UK one and the Norway one. I haven't read the book, but those two covers are amazing. Especially the Norway one.

  10. I love how everyone has different faves :)

    I couldn't pick b/c she lucked out and has a whole bunch of awesome covers.

    but yay melly for loving the norway - it's pretty awesome, hey?


Thanks for the commenty love :)