Thursday, July 1, 2010

Australian Book Industry Awards 2010

Last night was the big night for the Australian Book Industry.

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey took out Australian Book of the Year ( whoah! impressive) after just missing out on the Miles Franklin. Also mentioned this YA in my post here. Kinda ironically, the winner of the Miles Franklin, lost out on Best Book of the Year to jasper Jones :)

Readings (independent book seller of the year) have rather conveniently listed all the short-listed books and winners with links on their site. Lots of outstanding books to add to my reading list - I haven't read any of the Literary Fiction short-list of the Debut author list.

For Older Readers: both Justine Larbalestier's Liar and Sonya Hartnett's the Ghost Child (one of Hartnett's other books, Butterfly just missed out on the Miles Franklin) were in running. I've read and am in awe of both :)

And, in childrens' books, how cute to see Grug! As well as Jackie French (love love) and Brace Whatleys latest book in The Diary of a Wombat series. Love the author and Bruce Whatley is one of my favourite illustrators!

My husband has read The Life You can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty by Peter Singer and recommends it (it's sitting right there on his bookshelf...) He has a few shelves full of poverty/social justice reads (and has been in Uganda now for three weeks, my husband, not the book) - nice to see it short-list for best Non-Fiction Book Of The year.

And, below, a few pics from my husbands trip (sorry, not really book related! Except to the Peter Singer book :) Only another week and a bit until he gets home...
kids @ the orphanage he stayed at - so cute x
although, the food doesn't look all that appetising (!), Pete said it wasn't too bad.

The car crash he was in (!) 

One of the places he stayed @ with orphans from the LRA (child-soldier army)
I know! A Tardis shirt :) Dr Who FTW.
Murchison Falls. STUNNING!
one of the schools he visited

xx Nomes


  1. Awwww, I love the Diary of a Wombat books - when we sold them at work, we couldn't keep them in stock!

    I was also stoked for Parlour Games winning, but that's because I know the agent and publisher haha

    And love the Uganda photos - it's always interesting (and often a wake-up call) to see how others live :)

  2. The Uganda photos are very interesting and amazing.

    I love the cover for Jasper Jones!

  3. @ Girl Friday: i was going to link to Parlour Games - but was running out of time! So cool you know the agent and publisher! Congrats :)

    @ Girlinbetween: Thanks :) Next time, I'm going to go with him I think :)

  4. it would be a great thing to achieve something as such that your husband has achieved you must be truly proud of him

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  5. Thanks Ayesha :) I guess I am proud of him :)


  6. Honestly, your husband is doing something so wonderful :)

    Also, I so love how you focus on Aussie books. I only get to hear of books from the US and sometimes from the UK, hardly anywhere else. It's great what your blog posts revolve around <3!

  7. Your turning me into a big Aussie fan. The pictures are amazing, and I agree you have reason to be really proud of your husband. He sounds like a great guy,and what a way to teach your kids to care about the world!

  8. Awesome! I am proud of our Aussie YA :) Some are big internationally, and others are probably only available here...


Thanks for the commenty love :)