Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow When the War Began - Brand new trailer SQUEEEE!!!!! And a tragic discovery...

Here's the newest trailer. And it is so awesome I don't even know what to say (!)

Check out how hot the Aussie accent is ;)

In other news...

Last night I was hunting around the house for my copy of Tomorrow. The Husband (Pete) took it with him to South Africa. In case he needed some extra excitement on his trip, you know. And I may or may not have been forcibly gently recommending he re-read it before the movie hits.

I scavenged for a bit. Couldn't find it. Asked Pete (who had been oh-so-passively watching me search for it)

Pete (eventually): 'I left it in South Africa'
Hahahaha. What a joker.
Me: No. Seriously, where is it?
I try to crack his poker face.
His eyes are so solemn.
He blinks and stares and blinks and stares.
Me: Damn. You did not.

Tragic story short.
It is gone. He *thinks* it was left on a plane, somewhere, maybe... 'but,' he added optimistically, 'I read the first two chapters. It was really good.'
a) I hope the person who found it can read
b) I hope they can read English
c) They better flipping love it because...

I cruised around my book sites, to order another copy. It's been reprinted 16 times (!) and I want a cool cover, you know. Because I'm shallow like that.

I jump on Ebay and, did I mention he took my first edition hardcover? Well, there it sits for *drumroll* $695.

Whoah. Seriously?

I think I'll have to just pick up a regular-like one. Sigh.

Tell me you love the trailer.
Tell me your thoughts are with me.



  1. $695-ouch.

    The trailer was not working, I will stop back later to check it out. You have me very curious.

  2. Argh, really? it works on mine. how annoying...

    I know about the $695 - never knew what it was going for!


  3. I love the trailer.
    I love the Aussie accent (loved it for a long time actually).
    I wish it'd release out here.
    And, I MUST read this!

  4. Oh, and I'm so sorry about you losing the book! I've never lost a book. If I do I think I'd go mad.

  5. OMG a first edition hard cover! Devastating!

  6. Bee, I'm pretty sure it's releasing internationally - yay!

    and jess, I was always proud of it, but had no idea it was that important, you know? Anyway, have now realised some of my other hardcovers are first editions too, but not really worth as much as the first book.

    I'll think up a way to let Pete make it up to me...

  7. Oh my word! This seriously looks phenomenal. I can't wait!

  8. it will be a cheesy movie in a charming way :)
    And I just love everything from Down Under.

  9. Oh noes, how tragic!!!! But the way you wrote it made me laugh, hahaha. Dang about it being a first edition! Oh well, perhaps a cool cover might be a step towards making up for it :D

  10. I'm not familiar with Tomorrow When the War Began but I'm thinking I might have to check it out. That's really awful about losing your book!

  11. Oh that's so sad! I iwonder if it is your copy on eBay :)

    I haven't heard of this one I'll have to check ot out, looks great.

  12. OMG.




  13. Damn! First edition hardcover gone missing! He only read the first two chapters! $700?! AAHH! Tragic. I am definitely going to check this book out before the movie -- and according to your prev. post I have lots more books to fit in before a deluge of YA movies! *excited!*

  14. WOW!! I can't wait to watch this. Lol this movie looks awesome and I see Wally Lewis' son is in this!! It should be real good. I MUST buy this book now!!!

    Thanks for showing an awesome trailer. Sorry about your First Edition book. I think I would have to take one of his prize possessions so that you both could call a truce lol. Fair's fair :)

  15. Lol I meant you would have to take one of his prize possessions.. not me lol.

  16. Sounds a bit expensive so hopefully you can find something more reasonable. The trailer is awesome!
    I'll have to read the book soon!

    Teens Read and Write

  17. OH MY GOSH! That movie looks awesome! It gave me chills. Reminded me of Red Dawn (back in the 80's...I'm old). Now I want to read the book too, because I always MUST read the book before I see the movie. Awesome.

  18. Wow that trailer is awesome. I'll have to go buy the book now. Dang it, Nomes, stop doing this to me!!!

  19. The trailer is amazing. so exciting.
    Do you know if it's coming to the US? Is the book out in the US?


Thanks for the commenty love :)