Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jaclyn Moriarty's Next Book... and a sneak peak at her new covers for Celia

Will be released in 2011. Notice how calmly I am delivering that info?

Kingdom of Cello #1 (currently untitled...) The first in a new trilogy.

"A series set partly in a Kingdom, and partly in the real world. I want a character to walk out free and clear, I want him to be tossing a ball, a red ball, and his hat is woollen and dark grey, and he’s walking across snowy fields. Across white, white, white, white fields." -Jaclyn Moriarty

I can't wait to meet the boy who walks across the white, white, white, white fields.

You can mark it as to-read on goodreads.

Check out Jaclyn's trippy little website which features Cures For Writer's Block, and How To Write a Novel in 47 Easy Steps and some FAQ that are, frequently asked...  I think her website is the best writer's website I've seen because it is so Jaclyn Moriarty and it will make you feel happy just being there. 

Some of the frequently asked questions: 

  • Why is everything so perfect today?
  • Did you notice the way that guy was looking at you?
  • Shall I put another log on the fire?
  • Should we be afraid?
  • What's with the attitude?

The way I feel about Jaclyn's books? It's like, you just had to be there. Once you read her, you'll know what I mean. 

Anyway, today, I kept thinking about Elizabeth Clarry (from feeling Sorry for Celia) and I realised just how real her characters feel.

Anyone else ever read about character that just feel real that you often find your mind wandering to them, as if thinking of an old friend and wondering how they are going?

Anyway, another new launch of her Ashbury/Brookfield High series is happening sometime, here Down Under. here's a sneak peak at her new covers... (because I can't help myself...)

Here's the new Aussie edition (not yet available)  v the original on the right


And the new UK v the original UK lemon one :)

And the US cover (hope you guys get a new one too :)

Is it just me, or does anyone else get tempted to buy their favourite books again when they are re-released with shiny new covers? I keep wanting to buy the new Aussie edition of Marchetta's On the Jellicoe Road.

And, thoughts on the cover of Celia?
Or anything at all you feel compelled to share with me today?
Comment :)


  1. Ugh, I just ordered Finding Cassie Crazy ( in the Australian edition-because I hate the cover and title for the US one-thought you'd be proud ;) ). I'm gonna go crazy waiting for it to arrive!

    I really like the font on the new UK/Aus cover, but for some reason I'm inexplicably drawn to the lemon...

  2. yay for getting the Aussie edition :) The one with the three girls on the front? I'm not sure what the new cover will be for that yet, it hasn't been leaked yet :) But I love my copy.

    Yeah, that lemon speaks to me too.

    Plus, the new UK is so whimsical and sunshiny :)

    You are going to love it!!!


  3. I loved The Year of Secret Assignments but I read it a while ago. I think I'm going to pull it out again.

  4. Yay! Am so excited for a new book from her!!!

    Oh, I love that new Celia cover - so pretty. To be honest, I'll probably go buy the new books with matching covers just for the shiny, pretty factor hehe

  5. Feeling Sorry For Celia is my favourite Jaclyn Moriarty book. I love the new covers, especially the new UK one and will probably buy it. I think the old covers look boring next to the new ones. I currently have two copies of the original Australian cover so I don't REALLY need another one...but they ARE so pretty :)

  6. I am so glad to know other people who love Jaclyn :) I really want to have the new Celia book too. In fact, I feel like reading it again right now...

    there's nothing wrong with the old covers, but they do look a little dated.

    @ Tracey, re-reading her books is the best, b/c you can always just re-read sections and scenes and always get something out of it :)

  7. OK- You've done it.

    I can't wait another day.

    I am going to the library TODAY and getting something by Jaclyn Moriarty. Anything. Everything. I just have to jump on this train.

    You should be on her payroll!!! ;0)

  8. I love the new UK version, it's the one I read.



    That's all.

  9. Love the new covers, and yes I would like to run out and buy a new book just for the cover. I think you're really going to like my blogpost tomorrow. *big cheesy grin*

  10. I've never seen these books but consider them added to my TBR list!!! I love the covers, it's so neat to see the different covers! I have to say I'm a fan of the UK version, especially of the top one, very intrigued! Thanks for sharing your love of books!

  11. Love, love, love, love, endless love for Jaclyn Moriarty. How can you be so calm about hearing this news?! I'm practically jumping up and down, hehe. And it sounds so different from her high school-life books.

    The covers are tempting me to go out and buy them all over again. So pretty!

  12. Wonderful! I am happy to hear she will be coming out with a new series soon. I just picked up FEELING SORRY FOR CECILIA, so I'm quite psyched to read it now after hearing how you feel about it!

  13. Super excited about the new series, thanks for the heads up.

    I'm definitely tempted to buy my favourite books twice. Especially when the original cover didn't thrill me.

  14. I NEED the new Aussie edition, fingers crossed for the Book Depository and I may pick up the UK one when I'm over. As you can tell I do indeed buy multiple copies of books I LOVE. Only the very special ones though.

    And oh the Kingdom of Cello sounds amazing.

  15. I love the "lemon" edition, although looking at it objectively I think it's not as good as some of the other designs, quite dated. But it dates from my teens, and I'm quite attached to it.

  16. I bought the new Aussie edition a few months ago, so it is available!
    I love Jaclyn Moriarty. My favourite author. And she's Australian. So there. :P
    Very excited for the Cello series. And so excited it's coming out this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the commenty love :)