Monday, July 12, 2010

Wintergirls - US v Australian v sneak peek UK Cover

Sneak Peek UK
Will be available Jan 2010

The awesomest things about both the US and the Aussie covers are.... THEY ARE BOTH DESIGNED BY TEENAGERS!

US:  The photo in the US version was taken by a teenager - a guy :) I own the US version. Because I was too impatient to wait for the Australian release, so I ordered my copy internationally, although, it has since been released in Australia. It's got this lovely texture, a mix of matt and gloss and raised font, so that it feels a little bit smooth and jagged and icy.                                                                                                              

Australian: An Australian girl painted the picture on the cover. Cool, yeah? How awesome would you feel to have painted the picture on LHA's book while still being a teen?

The thing the Australian edition exclusively has is the endorsement by Melina Marchetta, 'Beautiful, heartbreaking and hopeful.' And it is :) And who wouldn't read any book that Melina Marchetta personally recommends?

The UK cover is pretty cool, too. It feels teenager-y and the quotes are so goosebump-y - the evocative words in such bright graffiti happy writing. the girls whisper feels a little haunting... it definitely has my attention.

Also, don't you just love the title?

Which cover do you prefer?

Edit: German cover has been revealed

Stunning and I'm thinking it's my favourite...

And, if you haven't already read Wintergirls, you should read this review by Angie @ Addicted to Books. Wintergirls really is a stunning and powerful book by an author in a league of her own.


  1. I think I still like the US cover the most, although the UK one is awesome.

  2. I love the Us cover the most, I'll be honest. But the Australian girls painting is gorgeous and is such an accomplishment! The words on the Uk cover are chilling in a very I-Need-To-Read-This way.

  3. i love the US and UK one, not the Australian one though

  4. I like the US version the best. The art on the Australian version is beautiful, but in a way I think the girl looks too pretty, not really anorexic. Awesome that Melina Marchetta endorses the book though. It's a great read! And thanks for the link to my review. :)

  5. Dang - I didn't realize my name was going to change like that when i did it on my blog. *grumble*

  6. I have to say the US version is definitely my favorite. There's just something about it that makes me need to read it. I like the quotes on the UK cover, but hate the font. *shrug* They're all pretty. C:

  7. I think I like the US one best too - glad I ordered it in (ironically, got it from the UK)

    But I'm super proud of the girl who painted the picture, and the UK one stands out...

  8. Personally, I like the US one best. There's just something so cold and yet heart-breaking about it.

  9. The Australian one disturbs me, but the book was disturbing so it's very fitting. I still like the US one the best. It's very haunting- sort of like as you're reading, you picture the cover in your head.

  10. Aussie Aussie Aussie! I think it's gorgeous. Disturbing and gorgeous, like the prose.

  11. I absolutely adore the US cover. And the Aussie one is brilliant!

  12. Hey Nomes :-) Well, I haven't read this book yet (I know, I know...get to it already, right? You have no idea how behind I am on all my reading :-( ). Anyway, not knowing fully what this book is about, if I saw these three covers in the book store, I would pick the first one (the US version). My eye just attracted to it more.

  13. I noticed your comment on another blog, with your name as Nomes, My name is Naomi and my nickname is Nomes to! lovely to meet another nomes and one who is exactly my age and loves books! LOL!

    Sorry thought i would delight you with my excitement.

    Great blog i will be following!

    Nomes ;o)

  14. I think I prefer the Aussie painting-- it's just so well done.
    I am a painter and figurative work is not easy. That painting is so good. I think she looks plenty skinny.

    I LOVE how you keep showing us the different versions of cover art. I forgot books had different covers in different places. It's so cool to see them!


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