Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching Fire - Covers

Cover Comparison Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Bailey @ Abyss

Here's Catching Fire, book #2 in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy.
(I chucked up the #1 so you can see how they work togther (or, don't. Australia?)


I like this one - love the gradient of yellow to red and the continuity from #1. Also, it's simple but has cool little touches. Eg. the target on the mockingjay


This one doesn't look any better in the flesh. What is with the purple and white? I don't get it, all foggy and symmetrical. Someone, enlighten me. I wish they'd had Jason Chan illustrate something for this that would go with #1.


I like the mockingjay bird, looks pretty funky up close and orange is vibrant and, ah, so orange. Way more appealing than their #1.


I heart this. Such a perfect match to #1. How cool are the jaggedy leaves and glistening rain drops?


So I loved #1, but I think I'd feel ripped of with them using the exact same illustration, and just tweaking the background and colours/shades. Plus the fire and smoke is distracting and randomly placed. Still cool, I guess - but I think #1 worked better as a whole...


Loking at this makes me feel like I'm panning in on an island from a copter.I like all the cracked lines on it and the blood leaf they stole from Germany :) At least they thought up something original - although I really loved the spooked silhouettes on their #1...


The same image as the first one...
but, ah, it's in red. 
Ripped off.


It's the Rubik's Cube Girl again...
No comment :)

I'm crushing on Germany's and Taiwan and I think the US has a good thing going down.

EDIT: Russian Cover


  1. I love the cover from Taiwan. It's awesome!

    My least favorite is Germany's cover. Honestly, I think there's way too many covers featuring partial faces. And partial body shots all around. That's not how I picture Katniss at all. The model has makeup on and that's not really Katniss' style. I like the leaves, how they make her seem like she's emerging from the wild. That does make sense.

  2. Hey Chelle. I know what you mean about the partial face thing, I think it's striking, but not really Katniss :)

    I personally hate how they always photoshop out all the nose hairs, looks so distracting, such a smooth hollow hole, haha

  3. I also love the one for Taiwan! Its so pretty :)

  4. I remember when Hunger Games came out I had all this crazy conspiracy made up which predicted the color scheme of Mockingjay.

    I thought since #1 was black and #2 was red number #3 HAD to be gold, since the inside lining for #2 was gold (I know, it sounded crazy!)

    After finding out Mockingjay was blue... =(

    But I still loved the covers, especially Taiwan!

  5. Once again my tastes run with your's I ove both Germany's and Taiwan's cover very cool.

  6. I think I love the US one.

    And I really hate the UK one... why tarnish a wildy awesome book with a Stephanie Meyer quote?? Grr.... you can tell I'm not a Smeyer fan..

    lovely post :D

  7. I didn't even notice the stephen myers thing on the top, but I still like it. Even if you hate Smeyer, her name will help to sell more of the books you like, so I don't see the problem. Sorry, Nomes, off topic. The Taiwan cover is really pretty.

  8. Ah, LOVE the Taiwan one. LOVE IT.

  9. Taiwan...Stunning!

    Is it too obsessive to try and buy them just for the covers even though they won't be in English??? I think so :(

  10. Taiwan and Greece for me.
    And Jess- don't think of it as obsessive, think of it as learning a new language.

  11. Oh, I'm loving the German and Taiwanese covers! Very different yet both very cool.

    Thank you for these comparisons! It's really fun to see how book covers vary from country to country.

  12. I'm undecided between the Taiwanese and German covers, and it looks like I'm not alone in that. The UK one (that I have) isn't thrilling me, but I do like my UK copy of the Hunger Games, because the fact I get to choose whether it shows Katniss or Peeta is kind of fun.

  13. I love the German covers! ...Great comparison!


Thanks for the commenty love :)