Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello and Photos

A big hey from me. Just a little personal catch up post, for those who are interested, if not, move right along ;)

Bookish stuff first:

1) coming up in the next week I have 3 New Adult reviews, plus a review of Courtney Summers new zombie novel (I seem to be out on a limb with my thoughts on it).

2) Yes, that's THREE new adult reviews. It has been a GREAT reading month. I love the genre (which doesn't yet officially exist) and am really thrilled with some of the newest releases.

3) Huge congrats to MAJA of The Nocturnal Library who has won my Preloved giveaway. Maja - I'll be right in touch xo

4) My new library is HUGE. It has ten branches and you get 15 reservations per card. My family makes 5 cards, all care of greedy little me (LOL). My last library was only 3 reservations per member, which I thought was normalish, but am now wondering what is the normal amount?

Anyways, already have over 40 reservations between us and I seem to be down there every second day collecting things. So much bookish goodness. It's overwhelming and awesome all at once.

5) not so bookish: since moving, internet is stuck on dial-up speed. Do any of you guys remember those dinosaur days? MY GOSH, it's painful. I am not a patient person in the context of waiting for a web page to load. So apologies for not bouncing around all your blogs. Hopefully it will all get sorted soon...(although my husband is currently in Thailand, so waiting for his return where he can handle it for me. Haha!) Meanwhile, I've been taking the opportunity to have internet-free time

What I've been up to:

We moved to the Sunshine Coast a few weeks back. Here's a few pics I've taken while schlepping around the place:

Five minutes east of my house, the Pacific Ocean :)

Five minutes west, the rainforest.
I actually prefer the bush to the beach. Both are lovely, but the bush feels like home to me, having grown up in the Blue Mountains.

My middle boy, Reuben, taking some time out.
Reuben has Aspergers and he is just lovely.
Moving states is a big thing for the little guy <3

From my top deck. Was overcast, but we have ocean views. Lush.
Also, lots of bird poo ;)

View from my study downstairs: our jungle-y backyard
I call it my study, but so far the kids always seem to be in there ;)
Bonus: my kids, first day of new school.
They are going great so far.
New school system means Sam skipped up a grade, he's pretty happy about that ;)
How are all you guys? I am flabbergasted that it is nearly July already. I am so looking forward to the end half of this year - as always, the best is yet to come! Can't wait to find some more favourite books and share them with you guys over the coming months.

xo Nomes