Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snoozing, saying hi and currently

I am resurrecting this sleepy little blog from an unplanned hibernation. It's been months of snoozing on here while I've been laying low in real life and taking time out from the internet and other commitments while I scuffle about with long-term health stuff. I have missed my blogging buddies (HI!) and reading what everyone is up to, and also seeing what books are making everyone happy lately -- and what books I should be getting excited for

I have been writing a handful of reviews over the last couple of weeks (I have gotten terribly rusty ~ but I hope my excitement/love/endorsement/feelings still shines through) and I'm really keen to get some book love happening on here as 2015 is rolling on towards it's countdown. I love this time of year, and I particularly love reflecting on what I've been reading and it wouldn't be the same without sharing some faves with you guys. I also get a little bit antsy in trying to squeeze as many last minute reads in as possible looking for those final few books to put on my faves of 2015 list.

Just finished reading: First & Then by Emma Mills. Debut contemporary YA. I liked it a lot ~ mini review to come :)

Currently reading: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

I'm about 150 pages in and alternating between really liking it and wishing it would suck me in a bit more. I am just not used to the slower pace and am really curious about things but the narrator certainly languishes about a bit, haha.

Recently watched on DVD: What We Did On Our Holiday. This was really fun in a gorgeous Scottish setting with pitch perfect humour. Look, it was just delightful and gorgeous and a bit offbeat and oddly affecting. Totally recommend!

What should I read next?
I have some books on my shelves, kindle and at my library and I'm wondering what I should prioritise reading before the year is out (in the hope of finding some bonus 2015 faves).
Do you recommend any below? 
Or what has been you most recent fave read?