Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fave Books I read in 2012

I am right in the middle of moving house (same suburb, further up the mountain) and as of tomorrow will have no internet for four (!) weeks. This blog has been having a lazy holiday but I really wanted to share with you guys my fave reads this year, before the year is over.

I've gone with all YA (okay, except for Nicola Moriarty's Free-Falling).
Five of these are Australian, the other five are contemporary YA.

All of these were fantastic reading experiences: being completely immersed in the characters and the story, wanting to read in one glorious go (and when forced to lay it down, desperate to find time to get back into them)

In no significant order (apart from my number one fave at the end)

Confession: I have read Shadows twice, in the space of three months. I didn't know what to expect from the Aussie YA angel-themed book. I could not have predicted just how brilliant, sexy and addictive it is. Some serious twists and gorgeous gorgeous writing. Be ever so thankful it has been picked up for both a US and UK release.

Oh, this is such a me book. I LOVED Good Oil, so. Holier Than Thou makes Laura Buzo officially one of my all time fave YA writers. My gosh, this book. I was mesmerised and achey and just completely absorbed. Due for a reread very soon.

Nicole Moriarty's debut. YOU GUYS <3 Completely funny and quirky and heart-felt, with that delicious Moriarty-vibe.
What a gorgeous and unique book I'll Be There is. It has an almost fairytale -like vibe going on. I love the narration (so different), the sibling love story (heart-smashing) the romance (swoon) and the criss-crossing of paths and coincidences that lends a gorgeous mix of suspension of disbelief and a whole heap of hope and victory (does that even make sense? haha...). Try this one, I think you might like it.
Oh, Elizabeth Scott? I love her, so. She always gets me, heart thumping, tears flowing. Her books are my kind of perfect.
I love contemp YA so much, and Bittersweet is the perfect kind of book to curl up with. Cupcakes, boys, ice-skating, little brothers. Sarah Ockler's a must-buy for me. Prose I love and characters I care about (okay, and boys to make you swoon).
I love C K Kelly Martin. I'm still thinking about this (very sexy) grief book. I was so absorbed in this story, holding my breath right until the very end.

Slayed me.

AND for my favouritist book of ALL.
Jaclyn Moriarty.