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inkcrush began as a way to shout out about awesome fiction, with a particular focus on Young Adult literature and Australian authors. 

Most of the books I review are either from my (beloved) personal collection or my (awesome) local library. I *mostly* prefer it that way as I can spend my time reading books tailored to my tastes rather than reading solely for review obligations. However I do (ever-so-gratefully) accept a selection of review copies in the following genres:

Young Adult

My kind of thing:  contemporary YA

I also (occasionally) dabble in: speculative fiction (dystopia, apocalyptic, 'soft' sci-fi), magical realism, fantasy, mystery and historical fiction

Sorry, I am not interested in: paranormal romance, vampire/were/insert-other-supernatural-creature literature, horror, new adult, books in a progressive series where I have not read the previous titles or self-published titles.

While my main reviewing preference is YA ~ I regularly read outside the YA genre


I love contemporary fiction
I enjoy suspense, thrillers and crime (with a preference to also being character driven)
I also keep an eye out for award nominees and books that are making a splash in the market

For an idea of the kind of books I love, (some of)* my fave authors are:

On the YA scene: Jaclyn Moriarty, Melina Marchetta, Cath Crowley, Kirsty Eagar, Fiona Wood, Gabrielle Williams, Steven Herrick, Sonya Hartnett, Markus Zusak, John Marsden, Sherryl Jordan, Kirsten Murphy, Elizabeth Scott, C K Kelly Martin, Laura Buzo, Carrie Ryan, Sara Zarr (heheheh ~ I think I will stop there ...)

Adult fiction writers: Liane Moriarty, Nicola Moriarty, Maggie O'Farrell, Paullina Simons, Tana French, Francine Rivers, Ellie O'Neill, Nicci French, Sophie Kinsella, Tess Gerritson, Danielle Hawkins, Kate Morton, Honey Brown.

Regarding unsolicited review copies: I always appreciate receiving books, however, if an unsolicited review copy does not  match my interests I cannot make a commitment to read it. In those cases, I will either feature a give-away, pass it on to another Aussie reviewer (to help promote the book) or donate it to my school library. In the same vein, I have a personal thing of not forcing myself to finish reading a book that I am not enjoying :)

Regarding author interviews, giveaways and blog tours: I am willing (and love) to participate in any of these events but am hesitant to promote an author/book I am not familiar with.  

Thanks for your interest in inkcrush ~ you can contact me via email at: 
 naomirees27 @ gmail . com 

If you have any questions/etc, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Peace out ;),


(Last updated Feb 2015)

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