Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hello! :)


It's Nomes :)

I've been letting inkcrush sleep for a long time. During that time I've been blogging elsewhere for my uni degree which I finally graduated from in December 2016! I was awarded with my Masters in Teacher-Librarianship and am now a qualified teacher-librarian (primary and secondary school) as well as a straight-up regualr (but awesome) librarian ~  qualified to work in any library (such as the council library, TAFE or at a uni library). Phew! My masters was a mammoth effort and I learnt so much but, underneath it all, my passion is still for literature and developing and nurturing a love of reading and learning how to create libraries that are both a haven and an inspirational space for creativity and lifelong learning (etc! Not about to get into my uni essay talk! Haha). Turns out there is more to be a librarian than just reading and talking about books all day! ;)

Some grad pics @ Southbank in Brisbane (with some of my fam)

I hope you are all going well and finding new favourite books and authors, and spending time visiting old literary friends. I have had a quiet year online (both on here and I also had a rest from social media) but I hope to be back here (and visiting you all on your internet spaces) more frequently this year chatting about my new fave books, authors, literary characters and life! I fell in love with so many books in 2016 and already I have 7 new favourite reads from 2017 alone to talk about. 

Here's three recent reads that are all new faves for me:

By Your Side by Kasie West
I just love how Kasie West writes. Her books so easy to sink into and relax with. I spent a blissful day with this book and am already hanging out for Kasie's next release (which is in July! So thankful she keeps her books coming at me!). She is on par with Elizabeth Scott for me (one of my fave relaxing and swoon-delivering YA authors) and reading By Your Side definitely got me in the mood for revisiting Kasie's older titles (like The Distance Between Us and P.S. I Like You ~ both contemporary YA faves of mine). Her books really are reading highlights in my year. They hit that sweet YA spot (something light, swoony and unputdownable ~ with just the right amount of character development to add some ache and depth). 

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor is exquisite. Unique and vibrant and messy, the fantasy world vividly comes to life like no other fantasy world I have visited before (in my reading travels, haha). Laini Taylor is a born story-teller, and this story is complicated, romantic, haunting and altogether unexpected. Brilliant, imaginative and stunning ~ Strange the Dreamer was worth the wait. I'm so excited for everyone to read it!

The Pretty Delicious Cafe by Danielle Hawkins
I really, really  enjoyed this charming New Zealand read! Refreshing and very smiley. Gorgeous setting with characters who feel like family. I loved it from the first chapter (with an awesomely awkward and smiley meet cute!). This book has swoon, humour, fantastically fun dialogue, and genuine family and friend messy relationships that never derives into melodrama. Definitely on the look out for more work from Danielle Hawkins and now I have her backlist titles to catch up on!

What book have you read lately that is a new fave?

Talk soon! Nomes x