Sunday, June 27, 2010

A winner and some cool Aussie links

Thanks for all the cool recommendations :) I wish I could have more than one winner! Maybe in my next give-away...

So I used and it gave me #1 - which is Rachael aka Horserider.Message me with your address and which book you'd like :)

Cool Aussie Linkage:

Okay, okay - so I know the contest I just had was about male protags. But this week I stumbled across this post over @ Fiction Focus - The Top Ten Female Protags in Recent Australian YA and I can't help but link to it. 

In other news, Australia’s most prestigious literary prize, the 2010 Miles Franklin Award, announced its winner: Truth by Peter Temple (he won $42 000! Whoah). 

I am most excited, however to see two YA's in the short-list of six books (out of all Australian fiction!). One of them being by my own very favourite Sonya Hartnett ( I have crushed on her since I was a teen). She is just the best kind of reading experience and a reminder why books rule the world.

Butterfly already won the Astrid Lindgren Award and here's a mini blurb from hereButterfly is a gripping, disquieting, beautifully observed novel that confirms Hartnett as one of Australia’s finest writers. 

Agreed! :)

some cover love here. <3

About Sonya Hartnett: she wrote her first novel when she was thirteen and it was published when she was fifteen. Nearly every book she's published has won awards, some multiple. 

The other YA in the short-list was Jasper Jones by Craig Slivey  which has also won other awards. It has been marketed as Australian's own To Kill a Mockingbird. I haven't read it ...yet :)

Speaking of Aussie YA that rules the world - I made a page with some of my favourite reads. I'll keep updating it as I read more awesome stuff from Down Under. You can see I have highlighted Sonya as one of my all-time fave authors :) she also made my Top Ten YA of all time list with Wilful Blue which impacted me greatly as a teen.

xx Nomes


  1. congrats to the winner,

    IM really after butterfly, dont you just love the cover

  2. congrats to the winner, I'll have to be more aware of Aussie books and get some to read!!!

  3. I love seeing a post dedicated just to Australian writing. This is the first blog by a fellow Australian that I have found. Thanks.


  4. Congrats to the winners! :)

    This is the first time I've heard of Sonya Hartnett -- I'll try to check her books out. Thank you!


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