Saturday, October 23, 2010

US v Aussie Cover - Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares is the third book authors David Levithan and Rachel Cohn have teamed up to write. I was released in the US in October and will be released here in Australia in December... with a different cover.

Thanks to My Girl Friday who got me all psyched about it (but probably only half as pumped as she is herself)

US // Australian

I'm going with the Aussie one as it just looks arty and funky and a bit off-beat. And I am a fan of illustrated stuff, always :)

I like how the title on the US one is on the street signs, but it reminds me of a US-style Christmas Special for some reason. (US Christmas as in Australia we're sweltering in summer)

Which one are you feeling the love for?

And while I have your attention... two brand new fabulous blogs by Aussies for you to check out: 
Sydney writer Vee's Musty Pages and Brissy Girl Nic's Irresistible reads
Both already have reviews up of some of my all-time fave books:

I have some reviews coming too. But it's Saturday afternoon and I'm feeling ever-so-mellow and subsequently lazy :) Have a good weekend mateys

xx Nomes


  1. oh, I really love both covers !
    but if I had to choose, I'd have to say............ the Aussie one as well. It's just different and fun ! I usually compare US/UK on my blog but didn't realize that Australia would have it's own cover work ! I'll look into it from now on.

    Even the book looks interesting !
    Really digging your blog btw. ^_^

  2. I like the Aussie one better, too. I think it really suits the style of Rachel Cohn and David Levithan's books (although I've only read Nick and Norah, obv) which is kind of offbeat and quirky in an awesome way. I'm really looking forward to this book :)

    I got the Christmass-y vibe from the US one, too. But I think it's still quite lovely.

    And thanks for linking to my newbie blog :D

  3. I can't choose. I love both the covers for very different reasons.

    Looks like a fun read :)

  4. Ooh, I'm looking forward to this one.

    Definitely the Aussie one. Not that I'm biased, but Aussies do it better.

  5. Whilst I love the Christmasy-ness of the US cover (because I'm a bit of a Christmas freak), I still love the Aussie one more and yes, am so ridic excited for it's release !!!!!

  6. I was going to post something similar to this a little while ago but I forgot all about it! I really like both covers but I think the US cover is a little bit more irresistable.

    I'm also going to check out those two new blogs, I love seeing so many aussies in these lil ol community.

  7. OOoh, tough question. I love them both. I think the Aussie one wins, and I think it's the doodles-on-lined-paper look that does it.

  8. i'm going to be all patriotic and go with the aussie one.

    to be honest: the front cover could be brussell sprouts and i'd still buy it just because it's DAVID LEVITHAN and RACHEL COHN!

  9. I with you the Aussie one is the best! I think because it is a little bit different from what is out there.

    Also thanks for the blog mention :)

  10. Both work for me. But while I get a real Christmas vibe from the US one, I have a feeling the Aussie cover is probably more in tune with the story.

  11. Love the Australian cover. Super cute and fun! :)

  12. yay for all you Aussie fans out there :) (including you LOUD? :)

    I do like the US one too and can;t wait to see what cover the UK and the rest of the world gets.

    @ Jade: yes, you're never biased :)


  13. I've never seen the Aussie cover. Looks really cool and loving the artwork. I like both covers, but the Aussie one definitely owns. :D

  14. Ohh, I don't know they're both very cute. I love the US one for the city street with the heart on the light. The Aussie illustration is so artistic though!

  15. I'm partial to the US cover but I think that's because it is the one I saw first. Both are great though.

    I'm so sad about missing the launch of this which is happening on Tuesday, in NYC, where I happen to be for once, and I'm going to be on a plane at the time :(

    And, FYI, it's actually their third book together, they wrote Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List a couple of years ago :)

  16. I love both the covers! The covers in my country are the UK version so I hope it is as good as the Aussie and US covers.

  17. I love both covers, but if I have to pick, it'd be the US one -- I'm partial to all the signs. :)

  18. oh. I ordered mine from book depo AGES ago because I am never sure when they will arrive here in Aust. So I have no idea what cover I am going to get because even right now, there is 'no cover available' over at the site.

    But secretly I love the US cover. AND it's on its way (so excited...)

  19. I love them both. The US one reminds me of this gingerbread house cake I had one Christmas, for some reason. And I'm loving the illustrated Aussie one too. And feeling the need to look into which cover the UK is getting...

  20. I like both covers, although I kind of get the feeling the US cover is the right cover for a different book.


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