Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tagged and contest shout-outs

My mate Melanie tagged me for this blog award. Thanks Melly!

So now I get to pass on ten things about me that I bet you were dying to know:

1. Naomi backwards is I moan. This fact continues to haunt me...

2. I LOVE public speaking. The adrenalin, being on a stage and having everyone's attention just gets me going, haha.

3. When I was 17 I fell off a cliff at The Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland. It's one of the freakiest things that's ever happened to me. I thought I was going to die, haha. I went in shock and couldn't stop shaking for ages. I still have scars from it - I know I'm pretty lucky!

4. I have always been besties with the librarians in every place I've lived.

5. My mum is Scottish. My dad is Irish. Dad went to Ireland last year and traced our ancestry to the McTaggart's and the Farquards (like in Shrek). LOL. My brother and I had a bit of a snigger when Dad was telling us. (My maiden name is Taggart).

6. I once wanted a pet rat. I was going to call him Gullyjack. Mum said no, but for some reason, I still reminisce about the rat that never was.

7. When I was 15 I fell off the back of my mates motorbike and landed on my butt in the paddock. I was laughing so hard I didn't notice how badly I was hurt. Unfortunately, when I discovered all the damage, I couldn't show off all my wounds :)

8. The first time I went fishing, I was all pumped because I snagged something heavy on the line. After generating buzz all along the jetty, it turned out to be an old waterlogged shoe. I felt like a character out of a book, catching a shoe :) Mum didn't let me keep it...

Leura Cascades
9. I grew up in the Blue Mountains. We lived opposite Leura Cascades and the cascade started on our property - we had a waterfall running through our yard, a whirlpool, three creeks and a cave in our backyard (4 acres). As well as random bushwalkers who didn't realise they were trespassing :) It was a pretty awesome childhood.

10. I went to India when I was 12. It was a brilliant experience. I plan on taking my kids to some developing nations while they are still young.

I'm tagging Nic @ Irresistible Reads, Bee @ Dreamcatcher's Lair, and Anna @ Cherry Banana Split

Now for some contest linking love :)

Author Jill Hathaway is giving away her copy of the most most highly anticipated BUMPED by Megan McCafferty. Open internationally.

My Girl Friday is giving away a signed copy of one of my favourite books  - Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood. I love this book so much! If you're an Aussie you don't want to miss out on this!

The most awesome Caitlin (putting the 'stud' in 'student' since 1994) is having a magical giveaway which includes three winners, all choosing things from The Book Depository. She also runs a pretty funky blog :)


  1. You fell off a mountain cliff! OMG!
    As for public speaking, I am terrified of it. I have a panic attack every time I have to speak in front of more than 5 people. I must say you have lots of courage!
    Where in India did you visit?

  2. Okay, I've only read the first one and I can't stop friggin' laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA That is sooooo funny.

    Okay, on to read the rest!


  3. Wow you had an amazing childhood - you should put it in a book :) And the boot story - very funny!

    Thanks for the contest links, I'm dying to read Bumped.

  4. The pic of the cascades is gorgeous! I'm very jealous now. :)

  5. Great post, I Moan! I mean, Naomi :)

    Too bad you never got Gullyjack. You'll have to write him into a story, maybe...

  6. Gullyjack the Rat, LOL. Very original name for a rat! Thanks for the tag and the contest links. I thinkw we all want to read Bumped :)

  7. thanks.
    you fell off a cliff? wow.
    when i was about 6 my brothers we were down south(or maybe up north? can't remember) on a family holiday and my at some park stop that had cliffs with a path that had a lowish railing. and my brothers who were 10 and 12 decided it would be funny to try and push me off, or at least pretend to. i still remember it and how scared i was.
    no where near as crazy as actually falling off thr cliff, but bad enough at 6.

  8. Girl, it sounds like you are lucky to still be alive, between falling off a cliff and a motorbike. You have done more traveling in your young life than I have in my whole life put together. Very envious.

    Also thanks for the heads up about these awesome giveaways.

  9. Could I channel you when I have to go in for public speaking? It's my worst fear! I'm so jealous!

    You're not intimdated by others??

  10. I loved reading this. You sound so cool and interesting. LOVED your shoe story. That does sound like something out of a movie.

  11. You fell off a cliff?!?!?!

    and heehe about Farquard :)

  12. Dang, these are all so funny! Especially, I moan. That would make a great character name!! Love that you pulled a boot out your first time fishing. And I'm not real great at public speaking, so I really admire that you are. I remember you saying you liked acting too? So talented!

    I hadn't heard of bumped so I went to the site. Sounds interesting. :)

  13. This was so much fun to read! I can't believe you fell off a cliff (and a motorbike! ouch! I love the name Gullyjack for you rat that never was. So unique and just plain awesome :)

  14. Hey Nomes! I haven't ahd the chance to reply to comments because of exams, but I'd love to help you with setting up the Social Networking widget.

    Hmm...maybe you could give me admin priviledges so I can edit the code? Of course, you'd definitely be able to revoke the priviledges once I'm done. Otherwise, send me your code via a Notepad (.txt) file, and I'll see what I can do.

    :) Tina (

  15. Loving the ten things about you. Especially the I Moan thing. And Taggart? Like the TV show? Awesome. :D


Thanks for the commenty love :)