Monday, January 17, 2011

QLD Floods Book/Writer's Auction

Authors for Queensland are putting on a huge bidding auction to help raise funds for the Queensland Floods.

Here's the FAQs and the site where you can hoon around on and see whats up for grabs. The auction went live today and closes next Monday, 24th Jan.

There's a lot of stuff to bid on, including signed books and full manuscript critiques by Aussie authors. 100% of the winning bid goes directly to the appeal. Sounds good, hey? Especially if you were planning to donate anyway ~ this way you may get something special as a bonus...

Here's a sneak peak at some of the SIGNED YA books that are up for auction. There's a little bundle that I would love to win at auction ;)

There's more YA on there as well :) Kids books and adult fiction and poetry and phone consultations, etc.

There's also original artwork from children's books...

The floods are pretty huge and eerie and completely devastating. 
My husband is currently working 14 hour days on the flood phone lines and hearing all kinds of tragedies and braveries and just stories that take your breath away and are hard to compute.

Amongst the heart-breaking's a kind of funny story...

One family returned to find a random cow on top of their roof ~ washed up there in the floods.

random cow on the roof
National 9 News

Hope you guys are off to an awesome week! 


  1. That is such a wonderful idea! I just bid on 3 items, brilliant!

    These floods are horrendous, and every little bit helps. It's very heart-warming to see all the volunteers get our there with brooms and hoses to help those affected.

    I have a cousin in Victoria who has been flooded. And amongst the heartbreak came a funny story... he got a broken nose from an SES worker helping him lift heavy furniture out of the house. Heck, even with the flooding he managed to have a laugh with us over the phone about that one ;)

    Thanks for pointing me towards this auction :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the auction Nomes, I'm heading over to check it out ... doesn't the generosity and kindness of people just warm the heart.

    Long hours for your hubby with the flood relief effort, thanks for the 'light relief' photo ... nice to have a giggle :)

  3. That auction is awesome! I will be definitely bidding on some items.

    A signed copy of Graffiti Moon or The Push or Six...probably all of them :)

  4. I've bid on 4 items too :)

    Good luck to us all hey? :)

    @ Teedyree ~ I know ~ he is having MASSIVE days. Kids don't even see him. Crazy times.

  5. and, oh LOL Danielle. hahaha :)

  6. Thank you for providing the info on the auction! I found that International bidders are allowed, so I will be bid too.
    It's sad to read about the floods. I hope everything is better soon.

  7. My friend donated all (or most) of her birthday money to the charity. I haven't done nearly as much, so I'll be bidding around a bit. Probably won't be winning anything, seeing how high some of the books are already. Thanks for bringing this up though Nomes!

  8. Thanks for providing information on the auction.

  9. Awesome idea and that cow picture is just too funny. I was reading that some sharks have been found swimming the streets. Glad to hear that the waters are receding though. Hope your husband gets some rest soon!

  10. What a wonderful way to raise money. So glad it is international. I went an put in a few bids. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  11. That's a great way to raise money - I've seen the pictures on the news of course, but the extent of that flooding is beyond what I can really comprehend!

    And still - cow on the roof!!!

    I'd like to award you the Stylish Blogger award, congratulations! Keep up the great work. You can find out about the award here: Feel free to pass it on or just know your blog makes me happy. :)
    Katie x

  12. This is an excellent way to raise money! And such awesome looking books in tehre!

  13. i still can't believe that practically all the states are flooding. in WA we've got flooding and drought at the same time.

    that is such a clever idea! some of those are really good books and it all donated as well. someone was clever.

  14. Holy poor cow! This is a brilliant idea.


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