Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hard Cover V Paperback #2

Here's another round of Hard cover verse Paperback

ALL these books are out in hard cover but have a paperback release coming up... (links go to goodreads)

Hard cover                    paperback   

Hard Cover: I was first very much attracted to Lindsey Leavitt's YA debut because of the cover. I LOVED the old school black board, the blue and the green, the graffiti-like feel. I'm a fan. A HUGE fan. I stood out to me, hey.

The paperback. Sigh. I don't know guys. What do you think? Someone convince me it's cool. Maybe I'm not a fan of the muted blue against a dark pink? I DO like the arrow/heart on his head idea but it doesn't have the same cool factor as the hard cover for me. Also, the guy on the paperback seems younger than the one on the hard cover ~ a fair bit younger, with a smaller head and not so broad across the shoulders. The paperback is also much more girly and is giving me an 80's vibe for some reason?

Verdict: I'm going for the hard cover all the way...

Hard cover        paperback

First off ~ this book looks completely awesome and has had the FIVE STAR SEAL OF APPROVAL from some trusted friends of mine. I really can't wait to read it, hey. (Paperback is available for pre-order now and is coming out in April)

While I like the hard cover (especially the text colours and design) I think the paperback ROCKS HARD. I love the images, the diagonal title and I am CRAZY about the cartoon-y/doodl-y/scribbles and graffiti on it.

Verdict: I'm loving the paperback.

Hard Cover        Paperback

I like both these.

Hard Cover: is impressively striking, visually arresting and PURPLE!

Paperback: has a completely different vibe BUT I still think it matches the book. I love the model and her shirt and the title all in lower case. I LOVED this book and while it is intense in parts ~ it's also beautifully written and ache-y and introspective and I think the paperback may reach a wider audience?

Verdict: I'm torn. I'd be proud to own either of these...

Hard cover             Paperback

Okaaaaaaay. Has anyone read this one? I'm semi-interested...

Hard Cover: while I like the concept and the actual image is fine the overall vibe has me thinking it's a book from the 90's, you know? I think it's all the white space and the black and pink stripe?

Paperback: Makes me think of The Chosen One (Carol Lynch Williams). And while it's fine as a cover ~ I have NO IDEA what it has to do with the actual book. Does it match the feel of the book? I'm thinking it's giving it a more literary/tragedy feel?

Verdict: I am more attracted to the paperback ~ but it doesn't particularly excite me

Hard cover            Paperback

Hard Cover: WOW. It's stunning and every time I look at it ~ I just get drawn into the girls eyes. They are completely arresting and haunting. The orange, yellow, black thing grabs me. It's pretty amazing. 

Paperback: I do lilke the symbolism with the burning feather, stark on a black background. It reminds me (just a smidgen) of John Green's Looking for Alaska cover ~ maybe just because of the design concept and the black thing?

Verdict: I can't go past the hard cover. 

Your thoughts? Any here you hate/love/are torn on?

Have you read and loved any of these?

I've read This Gorgeous Game and LOVED it (in a could not put it down way) and the rest are books that are hovering aroudn on my want-to-get-my-hands-on list)


  1. Love this post! I can't resist a pretty cover.

    I agree with your picks. Haven't read any of them though. Grace and This Gorgeous Game are ones I desperately want.

    Never heard of Zen & Xander Undone before. Sounds interesting.

    Favourite cover out of all of them. Grace!

  2. I'm with you on all your picks. I wouldn't be able to convince you on that pink/blue cover and a agree about Undone. Much better but not really exciting.

    That Grace cover is breathtaking.

  3. I love this feature! :)
    Sean Griswold's Head - I prefer the hardcover too! There's something very creepy about an arrow going through that guy's head.

    Sorta Like A Rockstar: I agree with you about the paperback! It looks so much more fun!

    This gorgeous Game : The hardcover! Because it's purple!

    Zen and Xander Undone: Paperback because it's at least better than the hardcover

    Grace: Hardcover! So much more intense and striking.

  4. To be honest, I don't like either of the Sean Griswold's Head covers. They kind of irk me? Hmm...Grace, I'm totally for the hardcover. I LOVE the hardcover copy for This Gorgeous Game, and I think it's far more striking.

    Love this feature, Nomes! :)

  5. I prefer the HB of Sean Griswold's Head. I didn't used to like it before, but I've grown accustomed. LOVE the PB cover for Sorta Like A Rockstar. Makes me want to read it. It looks totally quirky and fun! Prefer the HB for This Gorgeous Game too, same with Grace.

    Fun post Nomes.

  6. Definitely agree that the hardcover of Sean Griswold's Head is preferable. Like Misha says above, the arrow-through-the-head thing really is creepy (glad I'm not the only one to think so!) Maybe you're getting an '80s vibe because of the guy's haircut?

    For Grace I definitely like the hardcover more, and Sorta Like a Rockstar the paperback rocks. This Gorgeous Game - hmmm, I agree that they have 2 very different feels. The hardcover seems more 'thriller' and the paperback more 'sad/introspective' but they're both pretty. For Jen & Xander Undone I like the hardcover more...the paperback is just kind of blah for me, though I do like the connection between "undone" and the loosening of the hair tie.

    And I haven't read any of those so those were my opinions based solely on the covers without knowing too much about the story within, LOL.

  7. Prefer all the paperback covers except for Grace :)

  8. paperback for the first one and the third! the other two i'm torn though. they're all beautiful covers.

  9. I love both covers for This Gorgeous Game - must check that one out!

    I like the new cover for Zen and Xander undone - hadn't heard of that one before now!

  10. as usual, i prefer the original covers for all of these except Zen & Xander. i like the paperback of that one. and i love both Grace covers.

  11. I enjoy these posts so much.

    I like both covers for Sean Griswold's Head and Grace.

    I'd go with the hardcover for This Gorgeous Game.

    But I like neither for Zen and Xander Undone. Doesn't stand out for me.

    Love the paperback for Sorta Like A Rockstar!

  12. I don't like either of the first one.
    I like the paperback one more of the second.
    I like the first more of the third.
    I much prefer the paperback of the fourth.
    The hardcover of the fifth is my favourite.

  13. In all but the last case, I vote paperback :)

  14. Sorta Like a Rockstar - paperback! I love the red and the headbanging and the stars. :)

    Grace - hardcover for me too. It's haunting and it captures exactly what the story was all about.

  15. I kind of like the softcover on all of these except for Grace, which I had never heard of btw - funny cuz I thought i knew of most of Elizabeth Scott's titles.


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