Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta

Guys ~ not long now until Melina Marchetta's sequel to Finnikin of the Rock is released in Australia!

and it has a gorgeous, gorgeous cover:


Couldn't you just stare at it all day?

Isn't it stunning? The colours and the details are striking ~ the swirls and the splatters and patterns with the light and shade. Froi is shirtless (!) and I love his inked back. Love the city in the background and the scope of this design. It looks textured. Seriously, an awesome cover like this only has me even more pumped for FROI . 

Froi of the Exiles @ Penguin Australia (release date October 3)

If you haven't read FINNIKIN yet I absolutely recommend it as a mesmerising read: sorrowful and hopeful and richly imagined. Anything Marchetta writes is pure magic

AND here's the Aussie cover of #1 in the Lumatere Chronicles FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK. They match beautifully don't they? Can't wait to have them sitting on my shelf together :D

I love our FINNIKIN cover too :)

(no idea when this book is out internationally ~ sorry guys :)


  1. I have Finnikin of the rock on my TBR - I need to read it soon!
    The cover for Froi of the Exiles is stunning! I love the colors.

  2. Wow, it IS quite the looker. Love it and the title. I have a copy of Finnikin-maybe I should bump it up the TBR.

  3. Why, why do you torment us non-Aussies...but that cover is gorgeous!

  4. Both covers are gorgeous. I'm afraid I haven't read Finnikin of the Rock yet. But I'm wistful.

  5. You guys definitely luck out with all the covers for Melina's books!!!

    I can't even talk about the Piper's Son one, it's just too traumatic.

    I love this cover, and who would have thought Froi could look kinda hot?


  6. Nomes! Way to give me a mini heart attack when I saw the title of your post on my sidebar, I thought it was a review and I was gonna have to go OVER THERE and steal a copy from you. I LOVE THE COVER!! Love it!! thank you so much for sharing it =DDDD

  7. My favourite cover of the year so far :)

  8. Nomes, you are such a tease for us poor slobs who don't live down under. Love both these covers.

  9. Ahh i'm so excited!
    As soon as i saw Melina Marchetta's name i was jumping with joy, i have some serious love for that woman because she wrote my most favourite books.
    i haven't read Finkin of the rock but i should get to it, if their is going to be a sequel.
    - abbeys bookshelf

  10. Oooh gorgeous! I LOVE it. I simply can't wait for this book.

    I have everything crossed that itl be out internationally very, very soon. If we have to wait till next year I may have to plan a holiday to Australia!!!!

  11. That looks beautiful. :) Thank goodness for Book Depository. Too bad it's a little bit too expensive for me just now, but once there's another sale, I'll take note to get Finnikin. :D

  12. I HAVE TO READ FINNIKIN! One of these days I will!

  13. That's a beautiful cover! Much better than Finnikin's cover, I think. I still haven't read that one, maybe I should bump it up my TBR.

  14. 1. The cover is gorgeous.
    2. I LOVED Finnikin
    3. WTH??? Why release in Australia first? Doesn't MM care about her other fans?? :)
    4. I have to say that Froi was the least favorite of my characters in that book. I just can't get over how he was introduced - and yet I will read it because hey, it's MM and if anyone can make an unsavory character into a hero, it's her.


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