Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry

Aussie 2004 cover

Isn't it the *most* magnificent cover you have seen?

The girl on the car in her boots and dress and scarf.
The road lines into the sky...
The gorgeous title.

Us cover (circa 2006) VERSE original Aussie cover (circa 1997)

in lieu of pasting the blurb, read the actual blurb ;)

Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry is one of my most favourite nostalgia books <3

it came out when I was 17 and in my final year of high school. 

i loved it. 

my mates loved it.

i carried it around with me.

i wanted to be Rosie. i crushed on Asher.

i doodled all the little icons out of it into my journal.

i answered some of the profile-y parts in my journal, too :)

it's such a perfect teenagery book.

it's about crushes and first love. running away. a road trip. a kombi van. hippies. 
it sweet and quirky. funny and gorgeous. and very zen-alternative-byron-bay-esque.

it's gorgeously Australian.

it is experimental in structure: the story told from all POV's: Rosie and Asher and a narrator and their parents ...

Asher is all stream-of-consciousness with no punctuation.

other parts are all the little tidbits of their lives.

how much do i love it now? it was an ultimate favourite for me 14 years ago. it's still gorgeous and addictive and makes my heart swell when I flick through it. it reminds me of myself, as a teenager (not necessarily the characters, but how i felt and how i felt reading this book for the first time). i LOVE how different and arty it is (i do not know many books like it). it's still 5 stars from me ~ for being everything i wanted a book to be and more when I was younger. 

i re-read this last month. i just got it back on my shelf ~ yesterday~ after loaning it to two sisters: 11 and 13 years old who LOVED it. i recced it to an adult friend of mine (in the US) last year, and she adored it too <3

i think you should check it out, it's an Aussie YA cult classic kind of book :)

(it's also available internationally, and locally, of course)

this review is much more informal and chatty (although, it is my blog and i'll chat books in whatever format i like ;). 

as a bonus, i took some pics of random parts of the book so you could see how it is a little bit different ...

asher has dreadlocks :D
rosie tries to make them ~ by putting wax in her hair O.o

lily is rosie's mum. she is having her own little freak-out due to what lily has gone and done...

this is what asher and rosie did while they were on their road trip
(for part of it. for the bliss part... ;)

top of page: asher sending a post card to his byron bay friends
middle: a slice of character profiles, very awesome
bottom: a wednesday diary for rosie 

more of how the story moves forward in it's own funky/cool way
snippet from LIVING WITH TEENAGERS (which rosie's mum is reading. her and rosie are getting all rock in their relationship)
what asher packs to run away
sightings at the local bus station
strange signs they see on the way
rosie's thoughts while on the bus <3
(also ~ this is a typical-looking page spread. not written in the usual narrative)

what rosie and asher talk about, under a tree, while on their road trip
(next section, we see all their answers to the questions)

have you read it?
are you intrigued?
do you have favourite nostalgia books?
which cover is your fave?

oh, i love this book so

and i am extraordinarily happy to have it here on the blog &amp;lt;3

Guitar Highway Rose @ Allen and Unwin (including look @ first chapter)


  1. Love the review! Captured our generation perfectly. And I love the top cover. That is the one I have got too :)

  2. I love this book so much! I have the original 1997 cover and it is still my fave. It came out when I was 12 and it is still one of my all time reads :)

    Great review Nomes!

  3. I've never actually read this. Must remedy!

  4. Thanks for the the pics of the inside! Looks like tons of fun :)

  5. and, obviously, i felt very much the same.

  6. Still completely in love with this book after so many years and your review is perfect for it :)

  7. Completely intrigued, but then I usually am after reading one of your reviews. And for what it's worth I love you being chatty!

  8. I really LOVE the first cover! I haven't read this, but I've been really, really wanting to! I'll request from the library and see if I can get around to reading it asap! :) Love the inside pics!

  9. Already said this on Goodreads, but I really really really really need to read this book. And I'm completely obsessed with the US cover omg. Stop making me want every book you review Nomes! :P

  10. You always manage to introduce me to these wonderful reads, and this one sounds like a book I would adore. Oh and the deadlock dude has definitely peaked my interest xD Lovely review as always ;)

  11. I am intrigued. It's like a girl's personal guide to life and love. What girl doesn't write little notes to herself? I'll have to find a way to check this one out.

  12. wow this looks like my kinda book! I think Im gunna have to check it out! thanks for shouting out about it! :D

  13. I like the US and the original covers better.

    I read Brigid Lowry before and I Remember I didn't like her so much so I don't think I'll be checking it out soon :P

  14. I LOVE this book!!! I got a library copy, but I'll be buying my own soon. There was just so much here that I want to revisit. Thanks so much for recommending this one to me!!

  15. Can I just say "thanks for this" Now there is another book that I desperately want. It's a problem, I know. I need help. I love how you have presented this to your readers. You really are creative (I wish some of it would rub off on me). :-)


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