Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Lauren Childs

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Oh, I loved this book as a child and when I saw this new gorgeous gift edition (illustrated by Lauren Child of 'Charlie and Lola' fame) I coveted it for a long time before buying it for my daughter for her birthday (kids are often convenient excuses to buy books:))

Except, I kept sneaking looks at it, and accidently left it out two nights ago and it was discovered, so I gave it to my girl early (Carissa will be 7 in two weeks) we have started reading it together and it is oh-so-much fun
Here is Carissa and I and Pippi :)
I bought the cute (more economical :)) paperback edition
Forgive my self-portrait style shot, half the book missing and C staring at her brother...

Anyway, the book is a chapter book, but it is so delightfully, gorgeously, artistically illustrated I had to take some photos and show it off. Afterwards, I realised there are already bundles of much more professional looking photos already on the net :D 

Here are my backyard shots I took this afternoon ~ flipping to any random page

Charming :)

So far, we are only a few chapters in and loving saying Villa Villekulla (multiple times each time it turns up).
It's perfect for reading together. It's very close to Carissa'a reading level, which means she likes reading along while still being read to (my boys still love being read to ~ I am not sure what age kids grow out of it but I read out loud to my year 6 students :))

Anyone else adore Pippi?
Or read Pippi as a child?
Have you seen this new edition around?
I really recommend it
I have even bought two more copies for two of my nieces :D

It is making me rather nostalgic for one of my fave childhood movies:

Oh my gosh, how fun was this movie? 
... which I haven't seen anywhere in Australia :/ Would love to have a copy, hey...

Also today: my son Reuben's 9th birthday. He got 7 new books and my boys* are in reading heaven. Is anyone interested in what my kids read? Might do some more children's books posts :)

That's all for now, mateys. See you around 

x Nomes

*My oldest, Samuel, is ten ~ so he is excited for the new book haul as well :)

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  1. Wow that is a beautiful book!

    BTW, you and your little one look adorable!

  2. Aww, that book looks gorgeous! I kinda really miss those beautifully laid out picture story books...those were the good days. :') I've never read Pippi, but now I'm wishing I would.
    I agree with Juju, you and your daughter look adorable! :D

  3. You look lovely hun, and she is so adorable. I love the illustrations! Thanks for sharing Nomes <3

  4. Gorgeous book! The illustrations are beautiful. Lauren Child can sure draw! I haven't read Pippi Longstocking, but I would like to. it looks great, especially the Lauren Child edition.
    Haapy Birhtday Reuben, hope you had a great day and enjoy all the new books you got. Lucky duck!

    Would love to hear what your kids read. Don't really know what's hot in the children depatrment, as I'm in YA.

    By the ways Nomes... I was wondering if you have been on GR, left you a messgae.

    By the way, thanks for the photos of both you and Carisssa and the illustartions.

    Have heard of the Pippi Longstocking movie, but never seen it! Maybe you could try the net...

    Sorry for the long messgae, but I guess that's what hapoens when you write a long interesting full packed blog post!


  5. I so have to get this book for my niece, she'd love it!

  6. Pippi Longstocking and Anne Shirley were (and still are) my favorite red-heads in literature. :) My elementary school teachers would read Pippi Longstocking every year. I would love to read about more children's books. :D

  7. I bought a copy of The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking at Amazon. I think it's region 1 but that really doesn't make any difference with most DVD players these days. It was a lot of fun to re-watch one of my old faves! I've never read the books though, it's on my list of things to do :)

  8. such an adorable cover, i've never read this book.
    Love the pictures!

  9. Aww the books are so cute!
    Pippi isn't really popular here though I remember there was a movie when I was little that sometimes they showed in the kids channel.



  10. Oh, I lovelovelove Pippi! And this edition is just perfect - every house should have a copy!

  11. The new Pippi looks incredible :)

    I would love to hear more about children's books on your blog!

  12. Oh I love Pippi and I LOVE Lauren Child's illustrations - looks like a must buy :)

    Lovely photo of both.

  13. Wow amazing illustrations. I am a big fan of The Gilmore Girls an there is an episode where Loreli and Rory introduce Luke to The Pippi Longstocking movie, which is hilarious. I was too old when the book and movie came out and have only grandsons now, so I am not sure they would enjoy the book.

  14. I loved the Pippi Longstocking movies as a kid!

  15. That is gorgeous! I've never read it, but need to have a copy now :-)

  16. That is a fabulous edition of Pippi Longstocking! I may have to try to find it for my library. Also, that version of the movie is THE BEST! I still know all the songs. I'm pretty sure you can buy the DVD through Amazon US.

  17. I am loving those illustrations! Very reminiscent of the artist who does Charlie and Lola. I love those movies, too-- in the Netherlands they always seemed to be on television, with their goofy editing where the voice and the lips don't match (I think originally they were swedish, right?) Ahh, great memories. I was always fascinated by/slightly worried about Pippi. I'll definitely find it to read with my 6yo. And (longest comment ever) thanks for your sweet comment on my blog last week :0)

  18. Aww wow, that looks like a really awesome book! I just love picture books, so it's awesome when beginning chapter books can be more challenging for young readers but still have the whimsy of the illustrations.

  19. I bought this for my daughter when it came out, despite the fact that she was only a baby at the time and am actively looking forward to reading it to her next year (she'll be four but seems to enjoy being read slightly older books) - it's so gorgeous to look at and the story is so much fun. Also, one of my fondest childhood book memories is of a story called Ronia the Robbers Daughter, also by Lingren - totally different but equally enchanting.

  20. I love this, Nomes. You and Carissa are adorable, that book is fabulous, and I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I own it on DVD. Do US DVDs work for you guys? I know some different regions don't work here:-/

    Happy birthday to Reuben!

  21. It's been so long since I've read Pippi. I will have to get this one for my daughter, and that picture of the two of you is just Gorgeous!!! I would love to find out what your boys are reading. My son is 10 and I'm always looking for recs for that age.

    Hope you had a good holiday and happy b-day to your little-big guy. :)

  22. I loved Pippi Longstocking when I was a kid - both book and movie! Even dressed up like her one Hallowe'en, LOL.

    And those illustrations are very cool! Clearly a lot of hard work went into the design process for this version.

  23. For some reason I have vivd memories of watching the Adventures of Pippi Longstocking yonks go when I was on holiday in Oz. I must have loved it cos I'm pretty sure we watched 8 times (that and Dragonslayer!)
    Love the Charlie and Lola style, so adorable, PINK MILK!

  24. Holy Crow, Nomes!

    I came to leave a comment and I just now noticed all those Linkage links from my blog... Only I didn't do that, I swear! I would never try to spam you... or anybody. How the heck does that happen, I wonder? Sorry about that. I wish I knew how to remove them.

    Anyhoo, was going to say how much I loved Pippi as a kid. I wanted to be her. Great illustrations.

  25. The illustrations in this book are so beautiful! I usually hate reprints of children's books because they don't pay enough attention to the illustrations like the did in the past, but this is so beautiful. I don't have kids yet, but maybe I could buy one now for, my future children...

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

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  27. I have been looking forward to introducing Pippi to my daughter and I can't wait to buy this adorable version of it!!


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