Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten authors whose books I own the most of

My first Top Ten Tuesday (which is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish) :)

I always love seeing these posts roll by in my feed and am jumping in today with some pics from my shelves. This was fun to count up how many books I own by certain authors ~ major advantage to long time publishing faves :) All counted up from my shelves ~ not including any ebooks or audiobooks that I own.

First up you should know:

  • I don't buy many books -- I am a very happy library addict. 
  • I love scrounging around op shops and second hand books stores to find any fave books I need to possess ;)
  • I am pretty ruthless with my collection -- I only keep my faves on my shelves and donate/giveaway any other books that accumulate (most recently had a huge clean out when moving house in May ~ I removed over 120 books from my collection then)
  • I currently have about 40 books out on loan ~ so I couldn't include them when I went scrounging around my shelves (so my count could be out, haha)

1. John Marsden ~ 14 books

Mostly comprised by the brilliant Tomorrow, When the War Began series. I love Ellie and the gang so much. I finally completed my collection more than ten years after reading them when Coles put them on clearance for $2 (love a bargain!). 

2. Elizabeth Scott ~ 11 books

Elizabeth Scott is one of my all time fave comfort reads. I adore her and am so pleased to own almost her entire catalogue (I'm missing Living Dead Girl ~ which was startling and impressive yet I know I will never reread). My faves of hers are: Stealing Heaven, Miracle and Perfect You

3. Jaclyn Moriarty ~ 10 books

My favourite author! I own all her books to date. These books have all been read at least twice and will be read so many more times. My fave of hers is usually which ever one I happen to be reading ~ too hard to pick. Seriously. (Although I recommend Finding Cassie Carzy if you've yet to try her out)

4. Melina Marchetta ~ 8 books

I love Melina Marchetta. Her books have pride of place on my shelves. I find it hard to pick a fave as it's like  trying to pick your favourite child ~ but I am very happy to have two copies of the gorgeous on The Jellicoe Road ~ stunning, most brilliant book. 

5. Sonya Hartnett ~ 7 books

Sonya Hartnett is a long time fave of mine since I first read Sleeping Dogs when I was 14. Some of these copies have been hard won ~ out of print and gleefully snatched up like hidden treasure from hours spent scrounging around second hand books shops. There are still a few more of hers I would love to own! I read Wilful Blue about 5 times during year 11 and 12. I felt it was some kind of personal manifesto, haha (although it is objectively one of her weaker titles). She is amazing. 

6. Liane Moriarty ~ 6 books

I have all 6 of Liane's gorgeous books (Also I love how she is right next to her sister Nicola Moriarty on my shelves). I personally prefer the cute little trade paperbacks for sizing but am happy to have her latest three in first edition release :) My faves of hers are Three Wishes and the Husband's Secret ! but all of them are brilliant. 

After this I have a massive tie for authors whom I own FOUR books of:

Sherryl Jordan ~ New Zealand author whom I most nostalgically love and adore. My fave of hers is Winter of Fire.
Lisa Schroeder ~ love her verse novels <3
Sara Zarr 
C K Kelly Martin ~ I also have a bonus book on my kindle. Can't wait for her upcoming release!
Cath Crowley ~ Still collecting ~ I have one more Gracie Faltrain book to find and bring home (and hanging out for The Howling Boy)
Kasie West ~ I am fast feeling the same way about Kasie West that I feel about Elizabeth Scott. My fave of hers is The Distance Between Us.
Laurie Halse Anderson
Sarah Ockler ~ I know this number will grow the more Ockler writes.
Sarah Dessen ~ I was sure I had more but must've lost some along the way...

Which author do you own the most books of? 
Do you collect books or pass them on?

(This post would be entirely different if it was authors whom I have read the most books of... So many authors I used to burn through at the library)


  1. I am a book hoarder so it would be much harder for me to put together this list. But I have everything by Maggie Stiefvater, Melina Marchetta and Brenna Yovanoff, almost everything by Patricia Briggs (that's a lot of books, hah), Darynda Jones and Stacia Kane, everything by Zusak, Robin La Fevers and Ann Aguirre and of course, Ilona Andrews is an auto-buy.
    I'm a bit jealous of your beauties, especially the Piper's Son hardcover. I have the US paperback edition.

  2. I don't have everything by Marchetta or Moriarty yet--but I WILL--and I love your shelf collections! :) I probably have the most books by Rowling, Stiefvater, Juliet Marillier, Sharon Shinn, Rachel Neumeier, and UF authors like Jenn Bennett, Patricia Briggs, and Ilona Andrews. But those UF titles are on my Kindle so thankfully they don't overwhelm my shelves, otherwise I'd have eleven Mercy Thompson books and nearly fourteen Ilona Andrews titles in total. Yikes!

    Also: is that the Aussie paperback of Piper's Son I spy? I love that cover so desperately..it's just gorgeous. <3

  3. Yeah I found this Top Ten Tuesday fun as well! Also made me work a little bit, lol. I think my most-owned author by far is Meg Cabot (25, how did that happen? O_O) I don't own enough Jaclyn Moriarty books for her to have made it on my list, but almost... I really should get the final book in the Ashbury-Brookfield series for my collection at some point!

  4. I think we have a similar sized melina marchetta collection and I've been meaning to try the Moriarty books!

    Most I own are probably Meg Cabots.

  5. I wish I could be ruthless with my collection! I am a massive book buyer and book hoarder which is not great considering the limited space in my apartment haha.

  6. 40 books on loan?!?! WHAT! O_O

    I'm similar with the books that I keep--I used to hoard everything until I realized that I only wanted to keep books that I knew I'd reread so I purge my shelves once in a while. I think the only authors that I own the most books from is Maggie Stiefvater and Laini Taylor. That is literally it...not even Meg Cabot makes the list. D:

    Your books, however, are lovely! I loved seeing a peek of your shelves ;)


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