Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RTW - Best book of the month

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival courtesy of YA Highway who post a writing- or reading-related prompt for all the YA bloggers to participate in.
The topic this week is:
What’s the best book you read in July?

Easily one of the best books I've read this year: Stolen by Lucy Christopher. Stunning and scary and beautiful with the most crush-worthy of writing it messed with my head and completely spun me out.

Told in a moving letter to her captor, sixteen-year-old Gemma relives her kidnapping from Bangkok airport. In a story of survival, passion and darkness, Gemma reveals how she had to deal with the nightmare or die trying to fight it. Sensitive, powerful and beautifully written. (from Coffs Harbour Library catalogue)

The synopsis? Basically, Ty kidnaps 16 year old UK girl Gemma from Thailand and takes her to his remote place in the Australian outback.
Goodreads blurb quote: Ty, her captor, is no stereotype. He is young, fit and completely gorgeous.

Um, agree :)

This book messed with my mind and made me question right and wrong and all the shades in between.

 The writing, holy guacamole, is so evocative that it seeps into you. So so much goodness to crush on. The setting was so rich: I felt the stifling heat and slipped right into the red earth with Gemma and Ty. 

The plot? It's psycholgical and twisty and I just had no idea what the ending would be or could be or even how I wanted it to end. I was so driven to see what would happen and it's been a long time since I've been so caught up in a story like that. 

The characters. Okay, hands down, Ty is a new fave literary guy for me. I cant even describe all the emotions he made me feel. Love , intrigue, pain, terror, sorrow, beauty and gratitude - he seriously is in a new dimension of his own reserved for the elitist of haunting and unique characters that make me ache in the most hard-core of ways.

The ending. Ooooh, the ending. It killed me and gripped me and lingered with me for days.

This book, is why I read.

And, it just intimidated me as a writer on a whole new level of whoah. 

Okay, so I feel like this response is a bit incoherent. Here's how John Marsden (legendary author of the Tomorrow series) figured out how to express all that I feel about Stolen:

"Stolen is a brilliant novel, which will pick up your world and shake it so hard that you can never be sure of anything again. Set in a landscape so exotic and powerful that it becomes one of the main characters in the book, this story of a boy and a girl delivers one compelling scene after another. Ty and Gem will be in your head a long time. If you were getting tired of reading, Stolen will turn you back into an addict."… John Marsden

Link to read the first chapter.

Obviously, 5 stars.  Couldn't put it down and can't get it out of my head.
And, totally rooting for it to win CBCA best book of the year. Winner announced in a few weeks :) Plus, it's nom'd for the Prime Minters Award (a prize including $100 000 cash). 


  1. Wow great review, I have to read this book it sounds so powerful, a real emotional read which I love.

    Thanks for recommending Tomorrow When The War Began last week I'm going to buy myself a copy. I watched the trailer as well, it looks so great, I cant wait until its released.

    I received my copy of Forget You today, yay, have you received yours yet? My plan was to bunker down early tonight and start it because I know once I start I wont be able to stop like Going Too Far, but I forgot the Chaser team are on later tonight so I probably wont be able to read too much tonight.

    I really love the whole faery genre so naturally I really enjoyed The Iron King. How far are you into it?

  2. @Amna - this book is soooo good. You will love it!

    @ lost: I was going to write tonight but have started reading Forget You :) I'm on page 40 and putting it down to pace myself and do some work.

    I'm 80 pages into The Iron King. Now that Forget You is here, I've just put it aside :) I think I will like it, but it's not my usual genre.

    I re-read Tomorrow 2 months ago, to get me pumped up again :) not the whole series though. I really cant wiat, have been excited for so long it'll probably feel surreal when it finally arrives :)

  3. Dude, this is a hell of a novel review. Someone that kidnaps a girl becomes your fav literary character?? Obviously I must read this and get sucked in myself. Psychological thrillers are the BEST.

  4. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I love books that stick with you long after you've read the last page. I am definitely checking this one out.

  5. Glad you did this review. I know you told me in your last comment to pick this up, but now I will definitely, definitely do so. You rock on the recs. :)

  6. Oh, I have to find this book right now! Thank you for the review--I've never heard of STOLEN until today. Must drive to library ASAP!

  7. I need this. Soon. Very, very soon.

  8. I was drooling over this book in the store but put it down because I didn't feel justified in spending the money... I'm so going to rectify my mistake. NOW.

  9. This was my favorite this must too!! I LOVE Ty... like he's one of my top 3 literary guys too...

  10. Phenomenal review-- I am SO interested!

    I went to my library and they only had 2 Jaclyn Moriarty books, and both were out! For shame! I think I will just have to put in a book order, because I am dying to read several of the books you have recommended.

    And then I can donate them to my lacking library!

  11. LOVE this book. I read it last fall and it's still in my brain. Every time I think about it I feel like I'm right back out there in the desert with her. I rec this book to everyone! Excellent choice!

  12. Wow love your passion and now I must get this book.

  13. Fantastic book. So moving and amazing. Great review too!

  14. Thanks for the comment-y love guys. And yay for those of you have have read it and <3 it like I did :)

    @bclement, I know, Ty is amazing...

  15. I had just added this to my TBR list last week because Scholastic highlighted it on their blog. Great review.

  16. I have been dying to read this!
    Unfortunately my library doesn't have it. All these fantastic reviews though, I'm thinking I should probably break down and buy it :)
    Don't you love it when a book takes you on a roller coaster?

  17. Hey Nomes,

    I came to check out your review after Nic linked it.

    Wow! Now I'm even more convinced that I need to read this book. Thanks.


Thanks for the commenty love :)