Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twenty Two International Covers for The Hunger Games

Cover Comparison Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Bailey @ Abyss
This week: Twenty different covers of the Hunger Games


This is clean and iconic and I think it works for marketing the series logo-style, but there's really nothing about it that makes me want to read the book. Don't hate! :)


I have Katniss on mine, but it has the design on the left with the target frame and bullet holes. I think the target and bullet holes is only on the Aussie editions, so I think it has a slight edge over the UK. I like this cover, I think it's by far the best out of the three Australian editions for the series.

I bought this one for a friend... kinda wanted to keep it for myself though. It flips out, so you can choose your own cover. See below :)

Each character card has stats on it:
Katniss: District 12. Main Skills - Archery, Trapping, Hunting
Peeta: District 12. Main Skills - wrestling, camouflage, hand-to-hand combat
I wish there was picture of Gale though ;)


This has a sense of urgency about it.
I love the light and shade in the logo, pretty dynamic.


A kind of muted Taiwanese version. Hmm...


This one looks a bit wobbly. Like the scene is made out of play-doh.
I think the full moon and the font is meant to give it a slightly creepy sense of doom and foreboding.


I love this one. Blood on the leaves = my kind of thing :)
The green eye is just hypnotic. I keep staring at it.


This looks like a paranormal creature gone wrong. 
Hiding in a dark dark giant cabbage.


I love the Japanese. Characters are all video game avatars, LOL.
I mean, check out Katniss', ah, assets!
And Peeta! Savage warrior god FTW!


I love this one. Katniss is my hero.
And she's a hot little thing.


While I think the guy here is a great match for Peeta, and the image is evocative and slightly luminous - I know for a fact my husband would not want to be seen carrying this book around. Maybe Russian guys would still pick this up? ;)
Also, is it just me, or is Peeta's chest slightly girlishly raised? :)

She looks a bit like she's sinking into a watery grave or something? haha.

Here's covers that are a variation of the US. They all are kind of the same thing, really...



So, which one has you chuckling gushing? 
Give a shout out to your fave :)

And... next week - Catching Fire Covers. OooOooh :)

Also, check out the ever-so-divine Bailey's comparisons on The Hunger Games

EDIT: 2 more editions

Russia version 2

Sweden - Paperback


  1. The Italian cover is pretty creepy. I like the Taiwanese cover.
    This just gets me even more excited for Mockingjay

  2. Wow, I never think about how different covers are across the globe!
    I really like the German cover, too- they eye really catches your attention. The Russian cover is relatively soft, but I kinda like it.
    Great post!

  3. Oh, this is the awesomeness!! :)

    Don't throw something at me, but I'm totally feeling the dark giant cabbage one! :D I'm not sure why the eyes are glowing though, lol ... obviously I missed that part when I read the book :P The German one is also gorgeous. Both are totally better than the US cover (which could totally have been improved by that text they used on the Korean one!!) - it's what put me off reading the series for AGES :o I also love the fact that they have LEAVES on them, lol ... it totally sets the scene for the Hunger Games that take place in book 1 :)

    The Denmark book kind of looks too Middle Grade with that cover, it's pretty awful :o OOH Japanese Peeta!!! .. and, err, yeah ... Katniss is rather well-endowned o_o Yeah, I don't see any Russian guy picking up a book with that image on the front, LOL ... and it totally doesn't convey what the book is about ... it's like the teen version of a raunchy cover ... and, yes, Peeta's chest looks odd ... it kind of seems as though Katniss is about to lick his nipple, or something :o

    The worst? The Swedish one - what the heck!! How random is that text?! It looks like she's just summoned a Rubik's Cube from the bottom of a lake, and is concentrating on keeping it suspended in midair (her expression ...).

  4. @ Alyson: I know, I didnt think it was possible to be even more pumped... cant wait!

    @ Col: I like that one too, but my husband is adamant he would not have read it if it had the cover, LOL

    and @ Bella: my husband likes the cabbage one too ;) haha, seriously though, it id pretty evocative and compelling.

    LOL @ the Japanese. I know (!) they;re like action heroes.

    haha @ your comments on the Swedish one. Classic!

  5. I'm not too fond of The Hunger Games cover, though I LOVE the book!
    I like the Taiwan and German covers and I love Katniss on the Romanian cover.

    The Russian cover looks so hawt! Makes it look like a romance novel, lol..and you're right about Peeta's chest :P

  6. I kind of like the Italian one, but otherwise I don't like any covers with a representation of Katniss--none of them match how I picture her in my head!

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  8. LOVE the German and Italian covers. The leaves are a great touch, and I like the bit of Katniss's face :)

  9. I am down to the last 50 pages of this book. Home with the kids today and really looking forward to nap time!!!!!

    I think the German cover looks the most like the Katniss in my imagination. Denmark and Taiwan also gives a sense of the story.

    I think the US covers (et. al.) are a little boring. I would not have picked up the book based on the cover if I hadn't heard so many recommendations about it.

  10. Still partial to the US cover, but I do like the Taiwanese one too.

  11. I'm not a big fan of the Japanese and Russian ones but I like elements from the others. Generally I don't like a super detailed images of the main character(s) on a cover because part of me feel like it cheats me out of some of the reading experience by setting my expectations.

    All in all, there are some very cool covers here and it's interesting to see the variety.

  12. I love the Italian cover. It's very creepy, and the book is very creepy, so it works. (: The Swedish model looks constipated...just sayin'. I would never pick up the Russian edition. Nope, never. It looks like a cross between a poster for some low budget soap opera and an ad for Yikes!

    Lol, so I guess the Italian one's my favorite. (:

  13. 20 covers thats crazy! i like the US one the best..

  14. Taiwan is the best for me! So AWESOME

    and the Russian one is hot, lol.

  15. great covers! the dark cabbage one reminded me of evil care bear zombies. idk why!

  16. HAHAHAHA except for the slightly raised up chest on the Russian one - LOVE :D That's such a typical "me" answer, LOL.

    And I love that really cool fold out one!!!! :D

  17. Is it really bad that I still haven't gotten around to reading this and Catching Fire yet? Gah, resolving to pick up a copy tomorrow!

    On topic: I like the fold-out cover and think the Russian one is hilarious

  18. Favourite is definitely the German one. Or perhaps the first Taiwanese one And I agree, the American ones don't really do much for me. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog lots and commenting on posts; you always make me smile and I love your blog :)

  19. @ Bee - I love how you always seek out the hotness. your comments always leap of my page

    @ rebecca - i didnt really think of katniss on my cover as the real katniss, LOL. she looks like a little girl...

    @ Kara - I know, the leaves just rock

    @ KO - oh, to read them again for the first time!

    @ Angie, you always go US ;) I guess they know who they're marketing them too :)

    @ okie - I know what you mean :)

    @ Cara LOL @ your Russian comment, you nailed it!

    @ le sigh, getting a head spin from scrolling up and down...

    @ Bailey, there's probably even more than 20... :)

    @ gilrinbetween it is kinda hot, I guess :) haha

    @ meroar, random, but I'm liking it

    @ Emmakate: you are always you, could pick you comment from the group, haha. Love it.

    @ girl friday. READ THE BOOK. STAT. :)

    @ Rachel I like you bog too and thanks matey :)


    thanks for all the comments guys, you make me addicted to checking my email...

  20. The cabbage and Japan are cool! lol Although the Japanese one looks like it belongs in a comic store.

  21. Great post. I love the Denmark and the Germany version the best. So cool all the different ways they create a cover for one book.

  22. I LOVE the German cover. So eye-catching!

    And I loved how you described the Italian cover as "hiding behind a dark, dark, giant cabbage." Haha!

  23. Taiwan and Germany get my vote - with Italy next. Love seeing all of these!

    Teens Read & Write

  24. Ooooh! Love this post. Must have taken a

    long time to gather all the covers, though.

    I love the Australian cover - how cool is

    that reversible cover?? It's akin to the

    Beatles...very innovative.

    The German is pretty, and so's the Russian

    one - though Peeta does have moobs there!
    And they look a little young.

    Russian 2 is also very VERY good.

  25. I like the german :)
    But the cover from "flammender Zorn" , so Mockingjay is the best, maybe you kan add it? I've got only the german version of HG.
    I know, my English is shit - sorry.
    But I really want to know, what are u thinkink about our cover, now , I know it :]

  26. The UK/AU covers are interesting in that the quote on the Katniss version has a blurb from Stephanie Meyer, while Peeta version's quote is from Stephen King. This was the market that did "adult" Harry Potter covers, so why not a "boys" THG cover?

  27. correction:
    Peeta: District 12. Main Skills - Archery, Trapping, Hunting
    Katniss: District 12. Main Skills - wrestling, camouflage, hand-to-hand combat

  28. You missed something very important here: The ISBN of every book!!! ;___; I'd like to entrusth the "choose the cover" one, I have the trhee classic ones in Spanish and I like to collect books in different languages when I like them so much. I have tried to look for the isbn on Internet but i cannot find it!! ;___; Some one, help me, please!!

    And btw, some images appears like broken links or sth :(

  29. Somebody help me with this, please:

    I like your post, btw. Really like it. Btw, there are some broken links and the images cannot be seen.

    I like collect differents editions of books i like and i REALLY want to estrust the changing cover edition (peeta and katniss tributes) to the library but i cannot find the isbn on Internet.

    Please, please, Could you tell me the ISBN' s (or somebody else, please) of these covers editions you posted here? At least the changing covers one.

  30. S***, most of these are black X marks, not pictures. I wanna see the Taiwan one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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