Monday, June 17, 2013

Cover Reveal: Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub

I am so excited to be hosting a cover reveal for an upcoming Aussie YA novel from author Sarah Ayoub. Hate is Such a Strong Word is coming out in September and it’s being pitched as 'a little bit Randa Abdel-Fattah/Melina Marchetta-esque' (I love both those authors). I know HarperCollins is so excited for its release -- and I am too. It sounds exactly like my kind of read -- see below for the blurb :)

Release date: September 1 

I hate being invisible.

I hate that I still can′t fight my own battles.

I hate that I can′t keep up with the demands of high school.

Sophie Kazzi is in Year 12 at an all-Lebanese, all-Catholic school where she is invisible, uncool and bored out of her brain. While she′s grown up surrounded by Lebanese friends, Lebanese neighbours and Lebanese shops, she knows there′s more to life than Samboosik and Baklawa, and she desperately wants to find it.

Unfortunately, her father has antiquated ideas about women, curfews and the Lebanese ′way′. Bad news for Sophie, who was hoping to spend Year 12 fitting in and having fun - not babysitting her four younger siblings, or studying for final exams that will land her in an Accounting course she has no interest in.

Just when it looks like Sophie′s year couldn′t get any more complicated, Shehadie Goldsmith arrives at school. With an Australian father and a Lebanese mother, he′s even more of a misfit than Sophie. And with his arrogant, questioning attitude, he also has a way of getting under her skin...

But when simmering cultural tensions erupt in violence, Sophie must make a choice that will threaten her family, friends and the cultural ties that have protected her all her life.

Are her hates and complaints worth it? Or will she let go ... and somehow find her place?

Things I love about the cover: It's one of my very favourite dusty blue shades. I love when covers play with word placement and it looks really fantastic here. I love that it's initially arresting and then once it has your attention, it holds it (eyes wandering over the white words). I also really like the cover models -- in particular, Sophie. Her gaze is arresting and she has cool attitude without being overly teenage-angsty. Plus there's a guy - can't wait to meet him!
Coming of Age contemporary YA books are my fave and I love the sound of this. Add it to your wishlists. Can't wait for September!

What do you think of the cover?
What do you think of the blurb?
Are you as excited for this book as me? 

Hate is Such a Strong Word @ HarperCollins

xo Nomes


  1. This looks like it could be really good. Want. Also in agreement with you on that dusty blue shade.

  2. Love this cover! Can't wait to read it.

  3. This sounds awesome! I must add it on Goodreads! :D

  4. that blue is gorgeous. cover feels very similar to "holier than thou", think because of the layout and font perhaps.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting my cover reveal and also for the wonderful feedback. My sister and I are crushing on the guy big time and I also love the blue cover! Hope you guys also like the words inside :)

  6. This sounds like something I'd like and I agree with your thoughts on the cover. I like the color and the words all over it. I'll definitely check this one out if it eventually released in the US, or, you know, if one of my besties in Aus sends it to me;-)

  7. I love the cover to this Nomes, and I agree, I love how there are so many words blended into it. I think this sounds like a book that I would really enjoy, I'll certainly be adding it to my tbr!

  8. Melina Marchetta-esque? Definitely want to check this out! I like how the cover is peppered with words and the color is subtle enough to let them pop out. This one looks very interesting.

  9. sounds good to me! thanks for sharing!


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