Monday, June 3, 2013

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

When all signs point to heartbreak, can love still be a rule of the road? A poignant and romantic novel from the author ofBittersweet and Twenty Boy Summer.

Jude has learned a lot from her older sisters, but the most important thing is this: The Vargas brothers are notorious heartbreakers. She’s seen the tears and disasters that dating a Vargas boy can cause, and she swore an oath—with candles and a contract and everything—to never have anything to do with one.

Now Jude is the only sister still living at home, and she’s spending the summer helping her ailing father restore his vintage motorcycle—which means hiring a mechanic to help out. Is it Jude’s fault he happens to be cute? And surprisingly sweet? And a Vargas?

Jude tells herself it’s strictly bike business with Emilio. Her sisters will never find out, and Jude can spot those flirty little Vargas tricks a mile away—no way would she fall for them. But Jude’s defenses are crumbling, and if history is destined to repeat itself, she’s speeding toward some serious heartbreak…unless her sisters were wrong?

Jude may have taken an oath, but she’s beginning to think that when it comes to love, some promises might be worth breaking.

Straight up: I love how Ockler writes her protagonists. This is her fourth book, and each protagonists has been entirely individual with a distinct voice and unique vibe.

The Book of Broken Hearts is about family, especially Jude's relationship with her dad whom she loves so dearly. It is also about falling in love. And about living in the moment. None of this comes easy to Jude.  

This book is so much I love about contemporary YA. It has the unputdownable sucked-into-a-story vibe. It has little unique elements that breathe life into the book (the history of the sisters, Jude's father's history), it has a love interest who is not only hot (and often shirtless ;)) but has his own back story and it is so easy to imagine him as the star of his own story, not just as the guy created to be the love interest for Jude. It has such an effortless narration: breezy -- the pages just fly by, and funny -- Jude has spunk and wicked little splashes of humour that lighten some heavy moments.

There is so much comfort in falling into a book where the author know where she is headed and she takes the reader there confidently. I am, first and foremost and always, a contemporary YA loving girl, and, for me, Ockler embraces everything I love about the genre. Her characters slowly bleed onto the page. her settings come alive, she brings the swoon (so much so) and she celebrates life and hope in the midst of hardships. I am all about that.

I so wholeheartedly recommend this book. I loved the time I spent with it, and it's one I will be revisiting for sure (while waiting for another Ockler book ;))

The Book of Broken Hearts is out now! yay!

The Book of Broken Hearts @ goodreads

Thanks to Edelweiss for the egalley -- and my sister for buying me my own hard copy ;)


  1. Love this review Nomes, I'm so glad that we ended up devouring this book. Ockler was just the master in creating a wonderful read, I love how she mixed it up with the darker moments and bits of humour too. I certainly will be reading everything Ockler writes.

  2. I loved Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer, so I've wondered a lot about this one. I think that she is a genius when it comes to tackling the darker topics, but peppering them with lighthearted humour and touches of sweet romance. It's perfect. Wonderful review!

  3. I've never read anything by Sarah Ockler, I'm not even sure if she's on my tbr list (I think there might be one book, though I can't be sure from memory) but this sounds like a fun, light read for a weekend! I love how much your enjoyment of it has come through in your review- I'm not sure if this would be quite the perfect book for me, but your enthusiasm makes me want to read it asap anyway! (: Great review!

  4. Im happy you liked it so much, though I know I won't be reading this one since I never seem to have the same luck with Sarah Ockler than everyone ele, and I often fail to like her characters all that much. :(


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