Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#LoveOzYA Giveaway & Survey

Just a heads up for everyone ~ you can be a part in helping to gather data on the reading habits of readers of Young Adult fiction.
The #LoveOzYA crew are giving away over $1000 in books to 5 lucky winners as an incentive to particpate in a survey regarding your reading habits. The survey data will be collated into a report which will be invaluable in informing on the reading habits of Young Adult readers. Obviously, the more who participate in the survey, the more the data will reflect the reading community ~ so check out the link below to take the survey and find out more info. 
#LoveOzYA is a community led organisation dedicated to promoting Australian young adult literature. For your chance to snap up a share of over $1000 worth of books, simply fill out this survey all about your reading habits
(the survey is open until the end of September ~ plenty of time to pass on the link to any other YA readers in your world)


  1. Thanks for the heads up, it was a fun survey to complete. Hope someone from the Inkcrush community wins!!

    1. Ooh! Good luck! I was hoping more people would get involved, too, so future initiatives will benefit all the #loveOzYA readers (like us!). But it would be awesome if you win :)


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