Thursday, August 3, 2017

Three Fave #LoveOzYA Contemporary 'Feels' Books

Today I'm participating in the #LoveOzYABloggers fortnightly meme. This fortnight's topic is: 'Feels'. (See meme details and how you can participate at the end of the post). 

I spent a good, relaxing while perusing my shelves and noting that pretty much all my Aussie YA books match this fortnights prompt, haha. In the end I picked three faves where my heart totally broke for the characters ~ so much love for these three books!

My Big Birkett by Lisa Shanahan

(my review) ~ My Big Birkett is one of those hilariously comedic novels but with a sweet dose of unexpectedly hard-hitting feels, packaged up in one very cool, bad boy, Raven De Head. I still ache when I think about him and his brothers and the whole De Head family. Excerpt from my review: 

He is one of the coolest fleshed out love interests ever. He is so unpretentious. Somehow, his bad boyness is not at all clich√©, but rather heart-wrenchingly honest. I loved the scenes with Raven and the De Head family. The whole De Head family really struck a chord with me. One of those families that have a bad reputation, multiple wrecked cars on the front lawn, a brother in jail and the whole town against them. I actually ached for the boys, so sweet, but all tough exterior. 
The Big Birkett is still one of my all time fave books :)

The Protected by Claire Zorn

The Protected is so tender and captivating. My heart just ached for Hannah, and grew in ache throughout (if that even makes sense, ha) and by the end I was crying actual tears (I rarely cry while reading). My heart was in my throat so many times and I just wanted to reach through into the book and hold Hannah close for a little while. 

Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

Carly </3  ~ This tough and vulnerable surfer girl ~ and her achey and hopeful story ~ has stayed with me. Raw Blue is one of those books that gives you all the feels ~ rips you up and turns you inside out, plus then some. I was holding my breathe for Carly throughout the whole novel, madly wanting her to be okay.

Which Aussie YA book(s) gave you all the feels?

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  1. I've only read Raw Blue from this set but I loved it and definitely will need to pick up these other two recs. Most of my Aussie lit exposure is Melina Marchetta and her books never fail to give me the feels, but Cath Crowley's Graffitti Moon is another favorite. Lovely post, Nomes!


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