Friday, December 16, 2011

my fave couples of the year & inkcrush buttons

Okay ~ here's a quick impromptu post inspired by the lovely Alexa (of Not Enough Bookshelves) who is currently running her annual couples Christmas countdown ~ where she features all her fave couples of the year (and also hosts many guest posts chatting about their fave couples, etc)

Who are my favourite literary couples I met this year?

First, I am going to limit my choices to boy + girl couples. Also, going with my gut and first choices (if not I tend to over think these things)

Nico and Brooklyn from Chasing Brooklyn. You guys, they broke my heart. Such a pitch perfect building of their relationship. + Nico = simply gorgeous, one of my fave male characters of the year.

Oh, you know I can't go past Leigh and Nathan from Psych Major Syndrome. This is a ditzy Sophie Kinsella style new adult book, and I loved it so much. I know a lot of my love for it has to do with Nathan...

One of my FAVOURITE literary depictions ever of a guy and girl best friend all tangled up and unsure about making it something more. Grace and Eric from God is in the Pancakes really had me feeling the ache and tension.

For best sexual tension and sexy moments of the year ~ you've got to give it to Harper and Jake from Saving June. These guys were great together. Antagonistic, fun and smouldering, haha.

For general YA brilliance, swoon and fab relationship moments, I'm thinking EVERYONE who has read unearthly cannot go past Tucker and Clara in Unearthly and Hallowed <3

Rodden and Zeraphina - they were so much fun to watch in this paranormal fantasy (Blood Song). I grinned (and smirked) my way through this one and cannot wait to see more of them in the sequel (coming out next year).

Catcher is my fave of Ryan's boys ~ so I really loved watching Catcher and Annah in this instalment  Theirs is a complicated and messy relationship ~ fitting of the post-apocalyptic world they live in.

For some adult romantic suspense, Cameron and Jack had me grinning in the usual antagonistic-chemistry style showdown. This couple really heat up the pages ~ fun times.

And in the Christian fictoin scene. Woah ~ give it up for Salmone and Rahab. These guys are complicted, feisty, all jumbled up, gorgeous, heart-breaking and all round brilliant. LOVED them to pieces.

Okay, so I really have to stop here ~ these were the first ten that jumped out at me ~ below are a couple more books (but some of the couples are a surprise... so no spoilers) that had me grinning and cheering on. I really do suck at making lists :)

Who is your favourite literary couple you met this year?'s a few months off my 2nd blogoversary and I finally made a couple of buttons. I don't know why it took me so long to get with the program *grins sheepishly*

I made a few so you can choose whichever one you prefer, if you're interested in using my button that is...

Instead of me creating an html code thingy, please just copy and paste, and link my blog to the button/picture :)

I don't have anyone's buttons on my site yet (actually, it's not something I tend to pay attention to when I visit blogs, if there is a button or not... [great syntax, there]) BUT if you have a button, and would like me to feature it ~ PLEASE leave me a comment (and a link if necessary). I'll work on getting a page of blog buttons up :) It's on the Great Blogging To Do List ;)

(Here they are in small)


  1. Wow, I love your buttons!! They are amazing :). I actually managed to make my own button, too, but it looks kind of cheap, lol. But I don't have any buttons on my site either, just my favourite blogs linked up ... (not sure if I'm going to change that?)

    And hey, I'm currently reading Unearthly, and can't wait to see what all the fuzz about Clara and Tucker is about!

  2. Aww, such cute buttons!! Also, I totally agree re Tucker + Clara. Loved their relationship in Unearthly and can't wait to see more of them in Hallowed!

  3. I loved me some Tara Finke and Tom Mackee this year!
    Oh, I seriously need to think about more couples. I can say that I loved the one in A Lot Like Love.

  4. So happy to see God is in the Pancakes on your list! Loved that book and I agree that it is a great depiction of friends falling for each other.

  5. Love you lists and your buttons! Such variety I love them all! Coompletely gorgeous. I was gonna say could you display my button but I hate it. But first I need to get a new one!

  6. Aw, your buttons are so cute!!!

    Love all your couples choices. I'd have a hard time choosing though. Well, no I wouldn't. It'd be Taylor and Jonah, hands down.

  7. I haven't read any of your top ten! I must fix that. But I LOVED Alice and also All American Girl - that one should have really made my top ten!

    Thanks for the link and i love your buttons. I should really make some seeing as my 4th blogversary is coming up!!

  8. Nomes! I love all your buttons. No idea which one to pick!

    And i'm thinking I really must hurry up and read Unearthy and Psych Major! Yay for Harper and Jake ;)

  9. Seriously, Nomes, my tbr is going to explode because of you. I haven't read most of these books, and I definitely want to, especially God is in the Pancakes. Who wouldn't want to read a book with THAT title?!

    Love the buttons! I took the first one since it's my absolute favorite, but the others are very pretty too.

  10. I did a round up of all the ones I chose into one post-

    There! ( :

  11. Woot! I got What Alice Forgot from my library last week! I've got high hopes!


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