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Faves of TwentyEleven: The Random

Faves of TwentyEleven Series

Day Four :) All about random (I love this day as I can spread some more book love around in some more random categories... Love all the books following in my post)

Day Four: The Random

1. fave first sentence

for some reason, i just love this opener:

"Natalia and I stole her mother's new blue Cadillac and drove out to Overpeck to find Tommy."

2. fave book title

God is in the Pancakes 
Every Little Thing in the World
John Belushi is Dead 
The Art of Racing in the Rain
My Beating Teenage Heart 
I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
How To Say Goodbye in Robot
The Hypnotist's Love Story

3. fave reading experience (ie: created a great reading memory)
I loved Reading Saving June with Nic and Jess :) Such a swoony good good book to read together. I also had a lot of fun reading Froi of the Exiles with Flannery :D (hi guys!)

4. book with the best food in it (made you so crazy-envious-hungry)
Oh my gosh ~ The Girl Who Chased the Moon = crazily ignited my taste buds fr food so delectable I will probably never each such sweet goodness (definitely living vicariously through the characters :)

The Secret Ingredient was truly divine :)

5. book with the most sensual weather (made you shiver/sweat)
I nearly felt like I was freezing to death in both these books. Extremely talented authors at writing that sensual stuff...

6. most embarrassing book cover (feeling sheepish in public or just plain ugly)
Oh ~ these kissing covers are awkward (although I do understand the marketing, etc). However, these two books are so much better than their covers may imply :)

7. can’t believe you waited this long to read the book (!)
Winter of Fire! I LOVE Sherryl Jordan, so I should really have prioritised tracking down a copy of this (out of print) post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy much sooner. I 5 star loved it.

Enclave was not with me for long before I gave it a go ~ but had I seen more buzz I maybe would have made sure I got a copy sooner. I really enjoyed it, hey.

8. book you'd give your mum/sister to read

9. book you'd give your dad/brother to read

10. book you'd like to give your past-self to read (ie, me, when I was 15)

okay, I did not really enjoy this one (not to say it isn't a good YA book). I couldn't gobble up the premise so blindly, plot holes jarred me. I completely wish I could have shut off my logical adult thingy and gobble it up because it delivers with action and stuff. As a teen, I would have loved this: factions, initiations, being gifted, challenges and all that shizz. I really want a do-over on reading this, so I could maximise on the fun. What better time to read this book than when I was an actual teen?

11. book that lived up to (or superseded the hype)
so eerie and captivating and just plain GOOD.

12. book you stayed the latest to finish (confess!!!)
oh so many. Not so much because they are oozing with suspense, but more because I was just having the best time reading them:

13. book you were *dying* to get your hands on the most

Two series books, one sequel and one companion novel. Did they deliver for me? 
I loved two of them. 
LOATHED one of them, 
and thought one of them was just okay...

Also, I was so stoked to have two Elizabeth Scott books coming out this year. She is one of my fave comfort read authors <3

14. fattest brick of a book you read (by page count)

SO bizarre ~ I have a tie. Both In The Woods and Froi of the Exiles have 593 pages. What are the chances, eh? :)

15. killer cliffhanger award
you've probably already heard about this one... ;)

Loving all you guys who are joining in (and also, thank you all EVER SO MUCH for the comment love) HOWEVER ~ I am having some internet dramas and having trouble getting online to visit everyone so please be patient with me as it may take me a few days to get a handle on things, haha. Thanks xx Nomes

(Also, thanks for the inks in the comments. You guys are geniuses like that, haha. See you all soon (and my ten fave covers tomorrow (which is only an hour away, LOL...)


  1. Great picks once again! I am dying to read The Art of Racing in the Rain!!

    Here are mine: My Random Faves!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  2. Awesome picks, Nomes.
    Loved, loved, loved As I wake, and I never would have read it without you, so thanks for that. Same goes for Virtuosity.

    My fave reading experience is a readalong, too. It wasn't a really good book, but Lisa and I had a great time reading it.

    I agree with you about Enclave, I wish it got the attention it definitely deserved, but it's not too late yet. This certainly helps. :)
    I'm kind of sad that tomorrow is the last day, but I'm looking forward to your fave covers.

  3. I loved loved loved Saving June..And I agree the kissing covers are kind of embarrassing...:D Great picks!

  4. I think Froi is the thickest book I have read in a really long time too!
    - since that time I read Conceptual Physics cover to cover, just for kicks.-and the cliffhanger is so... SQUEEE worthy!

    I think I need to check out The art of racing in the rain, looks cute.

    And I agree about the kissing covers!

  5. Winter of Fire = win!! You're one of the only bloggers I know who has actually read that never seems to get mentioned in the blogosphre, sadly :( So nice to see it on your list!

    Also, I totally know what you mean about wanting to shut off your inner voice of adult logic so you can enjoy something with plot holes etc. I feel like that too sometimes! I may be enjoying the storyline or characters or whatever, but in the back of my mind I'm going, "Well, but THIS doesn't make sense, and did they think about THIS aspect at all..." and I know that as a teen I probably wouldn't have thought so critically about it, and just gotten sucked right in. Sometimes I miss that!

  6. Aaaah yess!! Oh that Froi ending had me DYING :p such great picks, I really loved the categories you chose for this one :D And eep Never Let Me Go was SO good.

  7. I felt the same way about The Hunger Games as you did about Divergent. I thought the story and writing were good, and the idea behind it was incredible, but I couldn't get past the idea of kids killing kids for the entertainment of others. I totally over analyzed everything and found that well I liked the story it was just to violent to be considered a young adult book.

  8. I can't wait to read Saving June! I'm getting it for Christmas. And 593 pages. WHOA!

    Here's my link: My Random Faves

  9. Those kissy face book covers! Hate hate hate!

  10. Oh how I adored Enzo. Its one of my favorites of 2010 (the year I read this book) for sure! I can't wait for Hallowed to come out either.

    I wasn't able to do a Random Books post yet. So far I've just done.. "the books".

  11. And again =) The link to my page:

    Love your picks!

  12. I'm a little late but here's my list:

    You have some great picks! :)

  13. I have to agree - the kissing covers look awkward! You can cover them in paper when you go out and read them. :P And Sarah Addison Allen's books always make me hungry because of all the delicious food items featured in them. We chose the same book for the killer cliffhanger category.

    Link: my Faves of TwentyEleven Random post

  14. Here's my list:

  15. 'Not That Kind of Girl' is such a good book, I don't know why the cover has to be so TERRIBLE!

    Here's my post!

  16. I just finished Between Shade of Gray, so I didn't include it on any of my lists (I'm counting it as book #1 for 2012) but I totally agree with you and was glad to see it on your list!

    This list was hard to start, but I also think it was the most fun to actually made me think outside the box a little bit, so thank you for that!

    Here's my list:

  17. I've been searching through second hand book shops searching for a Winter of Fire - still hoping for Eureka moment. Wish I could take the lovely library copy home but I don't want to deprive potential readers of awesomeness.

  18. I got PSYCH MAJOR SYNDROME for Christmas, can't wait to read it. :)

    Here's my post for The Random: click. :)

  19. Love your faves of 2011 awards :-) We are doing our own except in a different order. We just posted "The Random". Here is the link <3

  20. Great list! I'm happy that some of the books I've read are on your list! :)

    Here's mine!:)


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